lithera ([personal profile] lithera) wrote2011-05-03 04:24 pm


How about some Thor on Friday?

Any one interested? Our choices are 3D or IMAX 3D.

Pacific Place is at 8:15, (or 5:10) which seems dumb.
Thornton Place as several showing 5:50, 6:50, 7:30 and 8:30 - Lots of goodness coming this month. Lemme know what you're up for and I'll try to get something going.

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I maybe would but I can't do 3D. I am going to have to look for somewhere that plays it in 2D.

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I couldn't find anywhere that was playing it in 2D...

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yeah me either so far, but I think they're playing it at Kirkland parkplace and they don't usually do 3D. *shrug* I may have to wait for DVD.

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Well, if you do, lemme know. I'm not against 2D at all.

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Hey! I found 2D at Pacific Place. We're gonna go see at 7:50, if you wanna come along. You can get tickets at

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Barring complications appearing within the next few days, we would love to go. My vote is for Pacific Place.

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So downtown is easier for you?

We can do that.

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I'm in, both work, pacific place is more convenient.

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Is there a timing that is better?

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Not really, I could hypothetically bail at 1500 friday, making all times available.

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As usual, Friday night doesn't work well until Late, Kyna would prefer 2D, etc.

So, I'm probably out for this Friday.

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If there is 2D, I'd love to find it but I don't know if it is out there at all.