So, I went in for a cleaning yesterday and mentioned that there was a little weirdness above the front tooth I knocked out when I was 12 or 13. Just to be safe we took an x-ray of said tooth.

Well. It seems that my body has declared that tooth to be a foreign object and is attempting to reclaim it - break it down and get rid of it. This has caused an infection to spring up around it and the tooth next to it. Large chunks of the bone of that first tooth (my front upper left or #9 if you know those things) are gone and so is some of the bone above it. There was a chance that this was also happening to the tooth next to it, the smaller not quite as up front tooth #10.

So my dentist sent me to an endodontist today to see how bad things are up there. It turns out that things are bad but not crazy emergency bad - at least not for #10. #9 is still cracked all over the place, missing chunks and needs to go. It will get pulled out and replaced with a fake tooth that will involve bone grafts, metal rods being drilled into my skull and all sorts of other loveliness. That process will likely take 4-6 months as each process needs to heal before taking the next step.

Today, though, I just got #10 drilled out and filled with medicine. In two weeks, I get to go back, get it cleaned out and capped. Then we get to start on the work for #9. I know I'm not going to have an empty socket instead of a tooth at any point but I'm actually pretty panicked about the possibility anyway. It isn't exactly a rational fear but what are you going to do.

Remember kids, when you do crazy stupid stunts on monkey bars, be prepared for repercussions, including knocking teeth out, extreme crazy pain and dental work that shows up 20 years later and costs as much as a car.

Seriously 2011, I am done with this. Whatever the surprise for the 4th quarter of the year is, unless it involves a trip to Paris, you can keep it.
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... I present these two articles:

I don't really have a horse in this race - at least not on a personal level. I love Barbara Gordon. I love her as a character no matter if she's Batgirl or Oracle. I totally understand why some people are pissed off - on both sides.

On a related but different topic: - These are my first surprises as well as the first one of these I'm pretty sure I'm not even tempted by. It is sad that I'm so very worn out on vampires. That said, Etrigran Middle Ages adventures? I am so there. Voodoo gets her own #1, which is cool. Where are my other WildCATS, huh?
Happy Mother's Day, Mom.

I love you.

Your Daughter,

I tried to call today but none of the numbers I have saved in my cell phone got me an answer. I miss you and your present should arrive on Tuesday.
How about some Thor on Friday?

Any one interested? Our choices are 3D or IMAX 3D.

Pacific Place is at 8:15, (or 5:10) which seems dumb.
Thornton Place as several showing 5:50, 6:50, 7:30 and 8:30 - Lots of goodness coming this month. Lemme know what you're up for and I'll try to get something going.


Apr. 27th, 2011 11:08 am
So, I know we're still like 4 months out from PAX but word is they're looking to sell out in the next two weeks. If you're thinking of going, if you want a badge, you should look into buying that there badge ASAP.

Just an FYI.
I was going to put a post up about how I have all of these things I need to do and how I'm trying to do this or that or this other thing. Meh. Not really interested in more lists. Have an awesome Noto sketch instead.

HI all!

Apr. 25th, 2011 09:52 am
I really should update this more often.

And look, now I'm a cliche. Awesome.

Anyway - is anyone up for seeing Dylan Dog on Friday? I don't see times out on the websites yet but I was wondering if anyone was up for it?
It is Holly's birthday. She is now older than I am again and all is right with the world.

Or something like that.

There and back. Feels like it was longer than it actually was.

So. The story of my luggage.

I get to the airport on Thursday and check in, Everything is going well. We get on the plane and sit there for a bit and then.... It seems the plane was broken and we were going to have to rebook everything. I tried to do that but the only thing they could get me would get me into Marquette very late Friday/early Saturday. Since the service was Saturday morning, I didn't think that was acceptable to me. I got rebooked through to Duluth since that'd the closest they can get me.

Still, that's a 4 hour drive. Thanks to my parents for coming to pick me up. I realized later that it might ahve been faster had they come to get me in Minneapolis but, well, hindsight and all of that.

So, I get to Duluth. Hooray. My luggage does not make it there with me - it went on to Detroit, even though I didn't. It makes it to Duluth on the next day. I ask that they send the luggage to Marquette so someone can drive it out to me. (It seems they can't drive it from Duluth to me for whatever reason.) The luggage gets to Detroit, or so I'm told, and then never seems to make it from Detroit anywhere else.

I got my baggage fee returned to me, or well, a voucher for the amount and 1000 Sky Miles. So, they've tried to do something about this but I had to wear the same clothes for most of a week and didn't have the dress I wanted to wear at the funeral.

So, y'know, thanks for trying Delta but man, did you just not make it.

I'll see if I can talk about the funeral later.

Right now, little things set me off, so... maybe later. We'll see.

If there are words that describe this, I don't have them. I just don't.

If you have anything you can spare, it will be needed.

I think I'll be following this blog after all of this is done:


Excuse me?

Mar. 11th, 2011 12:19 pm


So. It has been a crazy busy time. I've been informed that I'm not putting enough on LJ recently. I will attempt to do this more.

The last weekend in February, I was in a concert with the Seattle Women's Chorus and Kathy Najimy. It was fun and hard work and all around a fantastic experience, even if I did have to make my way long the top row of risers in the dark multiple times a show. At one point, Ms. Najimy put her hands up to support my legs because, "I thought you were going to fall off!" Thank you very much for the help.

Last weekend, from which I am still recovering, was Emerald City Comic Con. Wow. That was such a better experience than last year. Not say there aren't still things to work on (because there are) but things were sssssssssssssooooooooooooooo much better. Thanks again to Kris and Holly who I dragged into this in the first place, for sticking around and making it super awesome. At ECCC I met Rachel and Terry Dodson (from whom I acquired a lovely Rogue sketch) and John Rogers (writer of Blue Beetle and creator of Leverage) and Bruce Boxleitner (TRON! OMG!) and I got to gaze at James Marsters from across a short distance. I talked with a bunch of people I would love to see more often and generally had an excellent time.

Looking forward, well, it just doesn't stop, does it?

3-11 Amsterdam with Cody, Steve and Sean
21-24 NorWesCon

Work trip to India, probably in the first half of the month
20-22 Eastern Washington SWC trip to do more singing in drapes (given that the India trip doesn't get in the way.)

Hrmmmm... Nothing...?

19-25 (ish) Comic Con in San Diego

4-7 (ish) Family Reunion!

7 & 8 SWC Concert with Chelly Wright

Somewhere in here, I'd love to come up with a trip to San Francisco (Alameda) to visit Ben and Meredith in their new digs. It is a nice trip, a nice town and nice people, so I need to find a place for it.

Anyone have more time in their back pocket? I could totally use that too.
So, there are a lot of moving pieces right now and I'm starting to feel that 'I'm gonna drop something' feeling. I really, really hate that feeling. A lot. When I get to this level of stress, the little details start to get lost and I have a hard time picking them back up again. Forgive me if you see or hear from me less. I have a tendency to hide as well.

I am visiting a chiropractor three times a week. In a few weeks that will likely move down to two times a week. I will probably have some massage in there as well - possibly some acupuncture and or physical therapy as well. It will be an on going sort of discovery.

I have three concerts, one this weekend (in Olympia) and two next weekend (at the Paramount). Trying to make sure I have everything I need arranged for those is much more stressing than I think it should be. Still, I have to find my brown shoes or buy a new pair. I'll have four different outfits during the show, so there are a number of moving parts and I don't want to forget any of them.

I have two good friends leaving the area for work, one sooner than the other. I'd like to say that I'm just fine with this. I'd be lying if I actually said that. Still, my issues are my issues and I /am/ happy for them both. Jobs are good things and so are new opportunities. I'll be doing my best to keep my internal flailing as internal flailing.

I should, I hope, have a new car as of Friday. It is on its way here. I'm getting a nicely used car from Enterprise. They take good care of their cars and I could do worse to have a former rental car. It will be clean and shiny. As soon as things are done and signed, I'll post pictures and details and all of that.

I am looking forward to Emerald City Comic Con. While I'll be working/volunteering at it, it will also be a nice time off. I need to do more of that, I think. Still, it is always hard for me to take time off.
So, you may or may not know that MAC has put out a Wonder Woman line of cosmetics. On one hand, I was all, Meh. Diana doesn't need make-up. Maybe they'll decorate everything in pink frills while they're at it. On the other hand was, Ooooo! Wonder Woman make up. I hope some of that will look good on me, because I want some too, please.

So, when I saw the display this weekend at the mall, I went up to check it out. What resulted was me getting Wonder Woman make up for my SWC shows because I didn't have anything that would work at all for that level of make up needs. Also, I got about a million products that will help tame the dry skin flakeiness and generally super red cheeked wind burn look I've been sporting. I didn't know such things existed and, well, as I age my general anti-make up and anti-'girly' stance has softened because I recognize it for its roots. I didn't want to be treated as I saw the other girls being treated, so I rejected everything I associated with that type of treatment. I also associated those things with needing someone else to help take care of me and I've been self-sufficient for... well... forever it feels like some days.

And far too much so for my own good at times.

Anyway, on the Wonder Woman front, I was surprised at how many women stopped to look at the make up /because/ of Wonder Woman. There were a lot of comments about how they loved her. I know that a lot of women my age watched the TV show and grew up wanting to be Wonder Woman (or Linda Carter). I've always said that there was a huge miss in never connecting that show with anything else. Wonder Woman is a pretty powerful symbol and she's seen all over the world. When I see comments on message boards about 'Wonder Hooker' and worse it makes me sad and angry but experiences this weekend balance that out.

Some part of me wishes there really were Wonder Scouts out there doing good this, kicking ass and changing the world.

That was rambly and I'm not sure I really reached my point, but, there you go.
Hey guys?

Did I ask someone about room at NorWes this year?

I seem to be really freaking bad about this these days. I feel like I did but hell if I can remember if I actually did or not and if I did, I'm not sure who I asked.



Feb. 8th, 2011 03:32 pm
Awesome people at Emerald City this year:
Ed Brubaker
Rachel and Terry Dodson
Pia Guerra
Cully Hamner
Adam Hughes
J. G. Jones
Josh Middleton
Mike Mignola
Dustin Nguyen
Frank Quietly
Greg Rucka
Tim Sale
Bruce Timm

And I know I've left people off. Like Scott Lobdell and the Axe Cop guys and... Yeesh. Too much awesome.
The VW Vader commercial seems to have been a hit, which is good.

So, I didn't watch the game and I'm catching up on these things but I must say, well played Chrysler.

Heeeee. Don't you let that doll taunt you, little Sith Lord. I totally believe in you.

Noooo. I don't remember this music from when I was a kid. Nooooo.

And the icon isn't related either. Nope.



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