lithera ([personal profile] lithera) wrote2011-02-03 09:56 am

Great ad or greatest ad?

Heeeee. Don't you let that doll taunt you, little Sith Lord. I totally believe in you.

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I've now watched it like 3 times. Hilarious.

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Another thing which does not get old, I think.

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Ridiculously cute!

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So adorkable!

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We just watched that three times. And yup... We're going to watch it again.

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I love this very much. Heeee.

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Great Ad, certainly, I love it. But similar to a Superbowl ad from a few years ago where a father pulls the same stunt, starting the car with his remote, while the child is trying to do it with his mind.

The Vader thing, though, that raises the bar here!

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I love that you can hear the Vader breathing for just a bit when he's focusing on the car.

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that is great i wonder if its super bowl ad

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is this the replacement for tracer x

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Heh. No. This is too much for me but it probably will be a VW. I have to find the right one, though.

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Most excellent. And totally the kind of thing Eric and I would do. :)