May I draw your attention to the fact that starting 10/10 there may be a cable network in your area showing Batman Beyond reruns?

Not ONLY that but also Fraggle Rock, The 1966 Batman series, Men In Black cartoon, Doogie Howser, the original Transformers and G.I. Joe? It seems what once was Discovery Kids will now be "The Hub".

Check this out -

Thanks to those on my friends list who posted about this for different reasons.

I'm going to now have the Batman theme in my head ALL MORNING.
I got my new laptop.

It is shiny and small and has no disk drive. I will likely have to get and external one for the few things I can't download these days (maybe when I rip CDs) but for the most part, I don't really need one on my laptop. I wouldn't have imagined that to be true a few years ago but most of the games I play are perfectly downloadable via Steam or some other source. I cannot wait to get some more time with it this evening.

Bryan Fuller is remaking The Munsters.... for NBC. I'm still not entirely certain how I feel about that.

AMC theaters are going to have Back To The Future in them in October. When I looked for a listing around here, it looked like October 23rd. I'm so going!

If you were looking for Human Target tomorrow, you'll have to put your desire on hold. Fox has announced that it won’t return until November, along with a move back to its Wednesday slot. This is good and bad. Wednesday time slot gives a better chance at survival than Friday death slot did but postponing two months is rough. At least it isn't out and out canceled like poor "Lone Star" - only two episodes. Sad.
So, the first week of Fall TV is over. All in all, I was surprised. There were a few bigger surprises than others.

The Event - Geeze, guys, how much jumping around in the time line do you need to do? A lot of vague followed up by some more vague isn't really a mystery I'm interested in following.

The Undercovers - A lot of fun. I really recommend this. We'll see if the chemistry can keep things interesting. Since this is JJ Abrams, I'm sure there will be some sort of longer term plot at some point, though if this stays at all in the vein of Scarecrow and Mrs. King or Moonlighting, I'll be happy.

Chuck - Solid, all around. I'm pretty happy with this show. It keeps things interesting by continuing to change things up.

Hawaii Five-O - I had heard bad things about this and while some of them are dead on, this isn't a bad show. It is /very/ popcorn and Hollywood action but that doesn't make it a bad show. I'm hoping that we get a little more the Grace Park's character than 'Hey she's hot' soon, though.

Smallville - I didn't predict this. I was going to watch for the cameos (Terri Hatcher is going to be Lois' mom!) but they managed to put out a pretty solid season opener. Clark is still a little whiny for me but everyone else is strong enough that it works. They've done a great job working around the lack of Michael Rosenbaum so far.

The Walt Disney Company announced this morning that Daft Punk's score for TRON: Legacy will be available on November 22. I cannot wait. Everything I've heard is awesome.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Captain America:

Mark Ruffalo says the Hulk won't be purely CGI in The Avengers - the monster will partially be rendered using motion capture based on him.

Black Widow is seemingly getting her own movie spinoff. I'm markedly neutral on this news. Widow was much better than I thought she would be in Iron Man 2 but she wasn't scene stealing good, either.

The casting call has gone out for Edward and Bella's half-vampire daughter Renesmee. Good luck?

A one Mr. Moffat on River Song: ""That's absolutely coming. You're going to find out very soon, and that means we have to do it next series, really… The critical thing here is I want to explain who she is, not explain away who she is."


Sep. 20th, 2010 11:34 am

That continues to look pretty cool.

There is going to be some sort of big DC/WB announcement this week. The money seems to be on a) a full slate of movies and b) a move to the west coast as the announcements. WB's really looking for something to replace the Harry Potter money.

Tonight starts the Fall TV season. I've already heard lots of bad things about Hawaii Five-0 and Outsourced and good things about Lone Star. We'll see how it goes. I'm still luke-warm on Nikita.

Chloe Sullivan will have her DC Universe debut in Action Comics #893, which goes on sale on Sept. 29. Chloe will have a recurring role in the Jimmy Olsen co-feature.

Looks like Heroes for Hire is coming back in December. I'm torn between caring and not caring. The cast looked good and then we added a bunch more characters I totally didn't care about... Meh.

The 3rd Bill & Ted movie rumors are spinning up again. This time they're a bit stronger than they were before. We'll see if anyone runs with it.

The new Jack Ryan movie is actually being written. We'll see if it moves past that stage.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance will be coming to your screens in 2012. Apparently someone wanted a sequel. Who knew?

The Deadliest Warrior is being made into a big screen movie. Sigh.

Gravity keeps switching out female leads. Angelina was supposed to be in it and then had other commitments get in the way and it has been something of a merry-go-round of people since then. I really would like this to get made. It sounds really interesting.

Oh and, I saw The American: Short review: I liked it. You may or may not.

Fall TV

Sep. 2nd, 2010 10:16 am
This is coming pretty soon and, hey, I thought I'd give a run down on things I like watching or are interested in seeing. I'll likely end up dropping a number of these after a few episodes if they don't pan out.

Premiers: Sept 20, 8/7pm
Lots of this blew up at the end of the third season and, really, the whole season was worth it for Brandon Routh (never though I'd write that) and Scott Bakula. Honestly. Such good bad guys in this.

The Event
Premiers: Sept. 20, 9/8pm
The more I hear about this the more I'm interested but I fear this will be like Fast Forward, which went no where quickly.

No Ordinary Family
Premiers: Sept. 28, 8/7pm
It looks like The Fantastic Four and/or The Incredibles. (Which I watched last night again. LOVE THAT MOVIE SO MUCH!) I'm going to give it a try. I find it interesting that the adults got physical powers and the kids more mental powers.

Premiers: Sept. 22, 8/7pm
J.J. Abrams show about a married spy couple. There, there and so there.

Premier: Sept. 9, 9/8pm
Watched the pilot at Comic Con. Pretty standard fare until the last ten minutes or so, where they tried to switch it up a bit and mostly managed to do so. Worth at least an episode or two.

Human Target
Premiers: Oct. 1, 8/7pm
I am so glad this show got a second season. Fox has put it in the SLOT OF DEATH but, well, that's Fox for you. People should watch this for the by play between characters if nothing else. Honest.

The Walking Dead
Premiers: Oct. 31, 10/9pm
Oh yes. Hell yes. There are six episodes coming in the first season and word is they've been so well received that season two is not only greenlit but has started filming already.

Monday, September 20
I still like this show but I'm beginning to feel I'm watching it out of habit instead of out of love.

Tuesday, September 21
The guest stars alone lined up for this season will make it worth tuning in.

Tuesday, September 21
I love this show. I love it a lot and I didn't think that would happen. I love me some Mark Harmon.

Criminal Minds
Wednesday, September 22
Again, I like this show but I get the feeling I'm watching it more out of habit than out of any love for what it is. With all of the cast changes over the summer, it might fall to the drop list pretty fast.

Grey's Anatomy
Thursday, September 23
As has been said by people more famous than I, I don't know why I like it, I just do.

Monday, September 20
Yeah! Castle is fun and funny.

Hawaii Five-0
Monday, September 20
There are enough actors that I really like on this show that I'm going to give it a chance.
James Marsters has been cast in “Three Inches,” Syfy’s pilot about a team of people with unimpressive superpowers. He will be the team leader.

Stephanie Jacobsen will play a girl who can shape the emotions of others.

Naoko Mori plays someone who can reproduce any sound.

The title refers to a member of the team who can move things three inches via telekinesis.


Mr. Marsters is keeping busy as it was also recently mentioned that he'll be the bad guy in the Hawaii Five-O pilot. No real word on Caprica. They wait too much longer and I'm going to stop caring all together.

Also in Hawaii Five-O news you might not have seen, Masi Oka was cast as the Coroner. That is shaping up to be a heck of a cast. Alex O'Loughlin, Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park are worth giving a shot. And, well, they're keeping the theme song, so that makes me happy.
The new Torchwood writing team: John Shiban, Doris Egan, Jane Espenson and John Fay, Excellent. You have a lot of writers from good shows up there. Also announced was some of the details about the new show. Mainly, this ten-episode series will contain the same kind of serialized story that Children of Earth did and that this will be called, fittingly enough, The New World.

It looks like Survivor is jumping the shark: In the beginning, I at least admired the idea even if I didn't watch the show. This has gotten all convoluted.

Green Lantern 2 has a writer. The word is that they're going to start filming 2 AND 3 before the first one is even out. That's pretty gutsy though it is nice to see them have that much faith in what they're doing.

There is a new 3D animated Tarzan movie in the works.

20th Century Fox has acquired the film rights to writer Mark Millar and artist Steve McNiven's graphic novel "Nemesis," with Tony Scott directing and Scott Free producing. *sighs* Yeah. I took Kick Ass for what it was. Nemesis is pretty much a blatant 'moar extreeeme' take on that and really, exemplifies everything I don't like about comics right now. I'm out.

Jane Badler is joining "V" in a reoccuring role. It seems in this "V" Diana is Anna's mother. Wow, would not want to be in that family.
Chuck fans? Are you ready? You're not ready but I'll tell you anyway. Dolph Lundgren will be guest starring on the show next season, likely for the season opener. No word on if he'll be around for longer than that.

There is a picture of Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan out there, as it is EW's cover for their next issue. You can go here: to look. I can firmly say that I don't hate it. On the other hand, it looks a little plastic-y, much like the newly released Thor/Odin/Loki picture. (See here for that one: I think what will make or break both of these movies (costuming wise) for me, is what they look like in motion.

Top Cow is teasing something here: It looks neat. These guys have done a decent job of steering a little further away from all of the things they were doing that I hated recently. Enough so, that I've picked up a few issues of Magdalena and have liked it so far. So, I'm a little interested to see what is going on here. has posted details of the "Alien Anthology" set coming to Blu-ray. You'll be able to get it just in time for Halloween, as it will release on October 25 in the U.K. and October 26 in the U.S.. Go check out the features on this thing because there are a LOT of extra things.

So, there was a big kerfuffle about who is going to play the Hulk. Edward Norton wanted to do it but there was some sort of falling out between him and Marvel, so the word is that he's out of The Avengers. The rumor that started almost INSTANTLY after Norton posted on his Facebook about the situation, is that Bruce Banner would be Mark Ruffalo. Mark Ruffalo is a guy I don't have any opinions about one way or the other, really.

I'm sure next week at SDCC there will be a bunch of Marvel (ad DC) movie announcements. What I'm expecting: X-men First Class official cast
The Avengers complete casting
Something for The Flash
Announcement of a JLA movie post Batman 3.

There will likely be at least one other major DC character announcement (WW would make sense but it could be someone else) and Marvel ramping up some of the smaller characters (like the long rumored Ant-Man movie).

Torchwood US is sending out casting notices for [REX MATHESON] CAUCASIAN, Late 20s, CIA agent, a fast-tracked high-flyer, [ESTHER KATUSI] She’s early 20s, a Watch Analyst at the CIA and [OSWALD JONES] CAUCASIAN, Late 40s, a convicted murderer and pedophile. Sounds like the base will be in LA and be 10 episodes long.

Word is that Tim Allen had a clause in his Toy Story 3 contract for another Toy Story movie. This is pretty standard, just in case, but it is interesting to hear about.

Amber Tamblyn has signed on to appear in the upcoming season of "House" for a multi-episode story arc. I've always liked her so, I'll be happy to see her on a show I like.

Tron is getting a /lot/ of tweaks done, though they're all being done by people I like and trust with movies. It seems that a Tron: Legacy rough cut was shown to Pixar and some of the writers (including Brad Bird) are polishing a few points to help connect emotionally with the audience.

And, for the last thing today... You know how rumor was you wouldn't see the birth scene in Twilight: The Last Movie, OMG? Well, the screenwriter says that's so not true. Melissa Rosenberg says, "That was a misquote. The childbirth - all the scenes, I feel - should be on screen. I think perhaps what I was referring to was, would we actually see Edward's teeth through the placenta? I don't think so. I don't think we need to see that, and if someone needs to see that, I think they should take a look at that. [Laughs.] I believe it will be implied, but I don't think we'll see teeth in the placenta."

Yeah. I'll just leave you with that.
Did you see Colbert last night? He he he! Go! Go watch! Even Steph(v)en again!

Chris Columbus is rumored to have been offered the new "Superman" film. That, I think, would be a pretty good match. Here's hoping.

Red is a movie starring Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren (with a machine gun!), based on a comic book series by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner. Summit Entertainment seem to have forgotten that very last bit. He's going to be at SDCC. He should totally be on the panel. BleedingCool is running a campaign in the hopes of getting him on the panel. Here's hoping!

Twentieth Century Fox and James Cameron today announced that AVATAR: SPECIAL EDITION will be released in theaters August 27, in a limited engagement and exclusively in Digital 3D and IMAX 3D. *sigh*

Here is a look at the first of the new Batwoman art -

There keep on being little leaks of information about X-men First Class. I'm sure the full cast will be announced at SDCC somewhere.
'Glee‘ has drawn the interest of Javier Bardem. Seems he and Ryan Murphy were both working together on 'Eat Pray Love' and came up with an idea.

Netflix and Relativity Media announced an agreement through which major theatrically released films owned by Relativity will be licensed directly and exclusively to Netflix for streaming to its subscribers during the "pay TV window." "Among the first wave of films covered under the Netflix-Relativity deal are The Fighter, starring Christian Bale, Mark Wahlberg and Amy Adams and distributed by Paramount Pictures, and Skyline, co-directed by the Brothers Strause and released by Rogue Pictures and Universal Studios. Both films are scheduled for theatrical release later this year and to be available at Netflix in early 2011. Also on tap for Netflix are Rogue Pictures' Nicolas Cage action/thriller Season of the Witch and Movie 43, written and directed by Peter Farley."

Like the costume or not, people haven't talked about Wonder Woman this much in quite awhile. I only wish that the average person on the street talking about her costume could even possibly equate to people picking up an issue to see what they think about it.

Clip-on aviator style 3-D glasses anyone?

Harlan Ellison is selling off some of his stuff: If you're into old/rare books, this is worth looking at.

If you want to see Milla Jovovitch's costumes for the new Three Musketeer's they're working on, check it out over here:

Amazing Spider-Man editor Stephen Wacker: "For the couple of months coming out of "One Moment in Time," we're going to be bringing a lot of threads of Peter's life that we've been developing since we started working on the book into one big story, 'Origin of the Species.' It sort of gives Pete a moment to assess all the stuff that's happened to him for the last 100 or so issues. Beyond that, we've already started talking about the fact that it might be time for a new, or at least better, Spider-Man. I feel like we've done as much as we can do in terms of Peter Parker's time as Spider-Man." - I'll let you all speculate as to what he means by all that.
So two announcements that have caught my eye in the last little bit that I want to draw special attention to here at the top.

- Trent Reznor will be providing the score to David Fincher's The Social Network.

- Andrew Garfield is officially the new "Spider-Man". You probably don't know him from anything, except maybe Doctor Who. He played a 1930s New York City worker who allies himself with The Doctor in "Daleks in Manhattan" and "Evolution of the Daleks." He was also Heath Ledger's rival in "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus".

I can't wait to see this:

BTW, as a little side note: Jay Leno’s Second Quarter ratings are his worst since 1993.

I'm still not sure on this remake but I do really like Chloe Moretz.

Judd Apatow is signed on to bring us another PeeWee Herman movie...
I don't talk about this show a lot. I watch it and recently it has been... well... uninspiring and bland. This, however, this is awesome. I was totally blown away by Alex here (the guy in red). Please to be keeping in mind when you watch this, that he usually dances ballet.

Pretty sweet.
Word is that Sam Raimi is looking to do an Oz movie, specifically "Oz, the Great and Powerful" the telling of how the Wizard got there in the first place.

We still don't have anyone cast for Spider-Man.

Nolan still says he isn't doing 3-D for the final installment of his Batman trilogy.

"The Wind in the Willows" is being developed in a live-action and animatronics version with Weta on board to help.

Geoff Johns says that a live action Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) is in the works. With Smallville going away next season, that would make a ton of sense. He also says that they have scarab suit screen tests done already. I hope they can bring some of that to SDCC. That could be killer.

Wyck Godfrey, producer of the forever-rumored-but-now-for-reals-two-parts Breaking Dawn has proposed that the second part of the movie be filmed in 3D, to reflect Bella’s new vampire state. Because, yeah, that'll work. (And that sort of gives you an idea of where they're looking to split the movies.)

And because I missed it:


Jun. 8th, 2010 01:41 pm
Movie or game? Dunno but word is we'll find out from E3.

The Voltron movie has been scrapped and they're going the TV route with it.

There are Indy 5 rumors starting to swirl about. I'm not putting too much stock in them yet.

Walt Disney Pictures has set a December 25, 2011 release for The Muppets. Hooray!

Michael Fassbender is in the running for Magneto and Elektro, or so the rumors say. I'd love to see him as Magneto in the First Class movie. He's so awesomely evil.


Jun. 7th, 2010 10:35 am

It looks like Starz is stepping up and we'll get some Torchwood in the US as well. This'll be interesting. Only 10 episodes but that's a good start.

It looks like we're getting a new ThunderCats show on Cartoon Network.

On one hand, I love this show when I was younger. (Yes, yes, I can go on at length about Cheetarah's awesomeness.) On the other hand, it doesn't take much to make a show about cat people entirely awful. In fact, it would be pretty freaking easy. Then again, the guys who made "The Anmatrix" are involved. Then again "Stones of Power". Then again, Sam Register, Michael Jelenic and Ethan Spaulding have yet to be involved in anything I /haven't/ liked?

Ehn. I will remain faintly interested until I see more. I'm burnt out on getting excited for reboots of properties from my childhood. Few of them are good and fewer of them seem to get any real support from the people that reboot them.
The first 45 seconds of this Scott Pilgrim trailer makes me LAUGH. Do you know why? Oh yeah, I'm sure you do. (Beyond it being FREAKING AWESOME.)

So, Guillermo del Toro has left The Hobbit. This is because he made a 3 year commitment and no one knows when they'll be able to move forward on this project. (It was starting to look like a 6 year commitment and this man has things he wants to do.) The situation with MGM has not cleared up at all. I wouldn't expect to see anything happening with this or ANY Bond movie until all of this gets settled. It could be a long time, folks. I can't blame him for moving on but I can't say I'm not a little sad about it.

The continuing news on the Spider-Man musical is anything but good. Seriously. This thing, in order to make back its budget, will have to sell out every seat for five years where it stands right now.

The screenplay for the new The Crow is finished and production will begin this year the film's producer told MTV today. No one is cast yet but they're 'courting a major actor' whatever that means.

There is a rumor that the new J.J. Abrams show (The Undercovers) will be set in the same world as Alias. I never did watch Alias but I knew a number of people who loved the show. We shall have to watch for Slusho.

And here is CW's schedule for next year:

It seems Allison Mack will only be a guest star on Smallville next year and that next year, year 10 (!?!?!?) will be the last year. I bet they close with the only image you get of Clark in the suit.

Maggie Q is actually Nikita, so I'll have to give that a shot. Even if they'll be focusing on the new girl.

CBS ....

May. 19th, 2010 03:26 pm
Huh. Interesting moves here.

I'm not at all sure how I feel about Mike & Molly.

The Defenders will likely get a watching or two.

And, breaking news, Michael Bay has decided that Transformers 3 doesn't need Megan Fox.
Here is ABC's schedule for next season:

Speaking of TV hero shows, here is a trailer and a script review for The Cape:

Charlie Sheen has signed on for two more years on Two and a Half Men. Haven't watched it, not planning on watching it....

It seems we're getting a spin-off of Criminal Minds. Remember when Forrest Whitaker showed up? Yeah. That guy and his team:

Mark Hamill is set to direct an adaptation of his comic "The Black Pearl." I haven't read it but I'm interested.

Wizard has announced that rather than go head to head with other shows in New York, New England and New Jersey, they will be rescheduling their planned Northeastern conventions. Nice to see the local guys winning out there.

Eddie Murphy is writing a 3rd Nuty Professor script... And on a similar note, someone is doing a Lost Boys 3.

It looks like the price of DC comics are going up for 22 pages. And as that happens, I'm going to trim my list and get mroe stuff in trades. $3.99 for one issue or $20 for a six issue trade becomes no contest pretty quickly, even if I have to wait. And trades often have extra stuff in them, too.

Se7en will hit Blu-ray on September 14. I don't really need to see that in extra sharp detail but the commentary tracks might be interesting.

Someone decided that a new Gidget was a good idea. So... that's on the fast track to happening.

Looks like Terrence Howard isn't done with Marvel movies after all. He's talking to them about something - rumors are that it is Luke Cage. Which... I just don't see at all but hey...

From THR: Alvin Sargent, who has worked on every Spidey movie until now, has been brought in to polish up the script. Usually he comes in to add more emotional heft to the important scenes. So, we'll have heart strings a tugged.



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