I went to the gym last night. I did 45+ minutes on the elipitcal machine. And, well, I felt good afterward. It is a little weird. I didn't feel angry or in pain or worn down to nothing. I felt... good. Which is not something I can ever remember a workout at a gym doing. The only difference I am aware of is that I was watching college football while doing it.

Honestly, if watching TV or sports in general can make me want to not only, continue exercising, but push harder in doing so? Sign me up. I will freaking watch whatever it is I need in order to do that hour of cardio 3+ times a week. Maybe it is some sort of mental response to watching people do something physically taxing, some sort of 'hey, I can do that to'. I really have no idea it but I like it.

Totally unrelated, it is good to remember that while all squares are rhombuses, not all rhombuses are squares. And this also applies to people and pretty much every possible way you could slice up different ways to look at people. (And some even go a bit further than that.)

What else... Oh! We're going to have THE BEST CONCERT EVER in February. Seriously. I am so excited about singing some of this music on stage. It just keeps getting better and better. Tonight I'm going to try to become a Von Trap child. We'll see how it goes.



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