lithera: (Zealot)
lithera ([personal profile] lithera) wrote2011-06-07 09:03 am

For another edition of said it better than I could...

... I present these two articles:

I don't really have a horse in this race - at least not on a personal level. I love Barbara Gordon. I love her as a character no matter if she's Batgirl or Oracle. I totally understand why some people are pissed off - on both sides.

On a related but different topic: - These are my first surprises as well as the first one of these I'm pretty sure I'm not even tempted by. It is sad that I'm so very worn out on vampires. That said, Etrigran Middle Ages adventures? I am so there. Voodoo gets her own #1, which is cool. Where are my other WildCATS, huh?

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