lithera ([personal profile] lithera) wrote2011-02-16 12:37 pm

Me, me, me and also, yeah, me

So, there are a lot of moving pieces right now and I'm starting to feel that 'I'm gonna drop something' feeling. I really, really hate that feeling. A lot. When I get to this level of stress, the little details start to get lost and I have a hard time picking them back up again. Forgive me if you see or hear from me less. I have a tendency to hide as well.

I am visiting a chiropractor three times a week. In a few weeks that will likely move down to two times a week. I will probably have some massage in there as well - possibly some acupuncture and or physical therapy as well. It will be an on going sort of discovery.

I have three concerts, one this weekend (in Olympia) and two next weekend (at the Paramount). Trying to make sure I have everything I need arranged for those is much more stressing than I think it should be. Still, I have to find my brown shoes or buy a new pair. I'll have four different outfits during the show, so there are a number of moving parts and I don't want to forget any of them.

I have two good friends leaving the area for work, one sooner than the other. I'd like to say that I'm just fine with this. I'd be lying if I actually said that. Still, my issues are my issues and I /am/ happy for them both. Jobs are good things and so are new opportunities. I'll be doing my best to keep my internal flailing as internal flailing.

I should, I hope, have a new car as of Friday. It is on its way here. I'm getting a nicely used car from Enterprise. They take good care of their cars and I could do worse to have a former rental car. It will be clean and shiny. As soon as things are done and signed, I'll post pictures and details and all of that.

I am looking forward to Emerald City Comic Con. While I'll be working/volunteering at it, it will also be a nice time off. I need to do more of that, I think. Still, it is always hard for me to take time off.

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