I'm starting a new job on March 22nd.

Same company but a different team and a different focus. Essentially, my job will be to fix things and if I can't get them fixed alone, to find the right person and make them help me fix it and then to help someone else write up how best to do it in the future and keep things working.

So, I'm going to get to know people and fix broken things.

Really, it sounds like it should be right up my alley.

I'm going to be taking the week of March 15th off and just be chilling out, probably playing a lot of FFXIII and trying to let go of the mental framework that I've grown into with this job.
So, I have pager duty tonight and tomorrow.

I am still going to the rally and march tomorrow. If the pager goes off, I'll just have to hot foot it to a bus home or something.

The Midnight movie is Ghostbusters.

Kris and I are going to go see Quantum of Solace some time on Sunday. Lemme know if you're interested. I also want to see a number of other things, so I might be up for *gasp* more than one movie on Sunday. I really want to see Bolt, for instance.

Oooof. I'm sore and tired and I'm SO GLAD today is Friday, because every day at work feels a little like a battle. Luckily, soon we'll be to the point where we can't do anything but ride the wave.

I have no idea what I'm doing for Turkey Day.


Kris is going down to Portland, which I would do happily this year, if I didn't need to be here on Friday. Even if I'm not in the office, I'll need to essentially be tied to my laptop through some sort of umbilical connection or something else as pleasant to envision, I'm sure. And on sort of a tangent that makes sense....

What if The Matrix was run on Windows XP? Pretty funny.

In the words of the Joker... "And here we go."

The holiday center will be going up this weekend, I believe. I'll link that when it goes live. Looks pretty cool. I'd appreciate it if you'd all think about buying a digital frame for someone this Christmas. If you need something sub $50, I have a few that are still quality! Just ask!

Halloween party is tonight! I'm excited. I'm a little sad that there are some people who won't make it who usually do. Just one of those things, I suppose. I'm changing my costume because... I can. Or something. If you need directions or an invite or something, let me know!
It was a good weekend. There was lots of walking and some shopping and hair dyeing and all sorts of lovely things. The weather was fantastic all weekend. Saturday was close to perfect - breezy, a little bit of a bite to the air but still warm in the sun. I love it when I get a chance to have some time in a day like that.

My boss, his boss and a whole fleet of other people are heading out to Korea and Japan on Wednesday. I can't explain how jealous of them I am. Still, a week after that I'm heading to New Orleans, so it isn't all bad, now is it? I'm hoping to have a good time where I can just breathe and not worry too much. Right now the weather looks like upper 70s and thunderstorms which sounds about like every other forecast I've had for flying in to that town.

On the BPAL front, it looks like the Yule scents are up. I'm most certainly slowing down in my BPAL purchasing. There are a lot of neat scents listed but there are only a few I'm really interested in at all. I might well have more than I'll ever be able to wear right now as it is, so....

I'm not going to get all ranty about politics right now. It is better that I not flip out about how bastardy some people can get.

I'm reading Desire of the Everlasting Hills, which makes me think about religion and Judaism and Christanity and a lot of other things. There are a lot of awesome parts of a lot of religions out there. I find that I am most often turned off by the followers of those religions more than the tenants set forth by the religion itself. It is also interesting that this book started with Alexander and then went right into the era of Jews performing epispasm *twitch* in order to fit in at the gymnasium with all of the other naked Greeks.... It grounded me in a world that was very familiar to me. It is sometimes too easy to forget that Christianity began then since it has been such a fixture in my life - sometimes a point of contention and sometimes a point of solace.

On a sort of related note, we're kicking back up into movie watching season. Here is what I'm looking forward to for the next few months:
City of Ember
Max Payne
Sex Drive
Zack and Miri Make a Porno
Quantum of Solace
The Tale of Despereaux - Which I would love to see with Mike, Leigh and David if possible.
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

I probably wont see all of them but it pretty much boils down to seeing anything that isn't Twilight. And if that weren't enough, there are like 8 games coming out in that same time period that I want to play. I think I'm instituting the holiday no buying phase a little early. Just to save my sanity if nothing else.

Okay. Enough updating. More work.

The Great Schlep from The Great Schlep on Vimeo.


So. I've moved back to the place Iw as sitting before. We have a new person starting on Monday and she gets my super office seat. Which is good and bad. Out here I get more privacy with what is on my screen but I get much less privacy with my phone calls. Wheeee.

My left is is... no focusing correctly. This is a bit worrisome. It has happened before and usually fixes itself but I'm... not exactly happy with the sort of half vision thing that is going on right now. Headache city is coming to me.

Also, here is my new tv season run down so far:
Fringe - Interesting enough to keep watching but not spectacular. I keep wanting something a little more from it. I think this suffers from the 'supporting characters are more interesting than the lead' situation which can become a problem. (Of course, with out that happening for Lost, I'd have stopped watching a LONG time ago because Jack and Kate are boring as all get out.)

Heroes - The speedster was cool. I'm getting tired of Hiro's need to act like a Big Damn Hero getting in the way of him doing what he does best. Which is actually BE a Big Damn Hero. Also, could we get less original with Mohinder? And a guy with Magnetic powers that the only call "The German"? (Yes, I know he's Polish but everyone associates Magneto with Germany.) C'mon guys. If you're going to use the shorthand commit to it. If not it is just lazy writing. Sylar keeps getting impossibly stronger. Nikki keeps getting more confusing and the Patrelli brothers keep getting more whiny and crazy. And every time Claire tries to become awesome someone steps on her. All in all, I'm going to keep watching but I'm sort of grumpy with it.

House: I like the new private detective guy. He adds a layer of undercutting and subtle snark to the sledgehammer snark. I don't watch for the drama or medical or whatever. That so isn't the point. Still fun.

Knight Rider: Holy crap. This is SO BAD. This is so bad that the fact that it is car porn doesn't overwhelm the suck. It doesn't /quite/ get to the point to where it is so bad, you watch because it is funny or campy, which is unfortunate because I would like that. No, no. This is just horrible. KITT isn't snarky, the lead is a douche and everyone is super hot and sexy for no damned reason at all. They all look plastic and ... well... like actors. Which sucks.
In case you've been thinking about getting a Kindle.... You now get $100 off Kindle when you get the new Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card.

It is tempting.

Not that I need another credit card in my life.

Still. I must say...
Fly out to Reno 6/11 - fly back 6/13. Yeah! Warehouse training!

Fly out to Flint, Michigan 6/26 and meet up with my mother on the 27th. Drive to Toronto. Come back on 6/30.

Potential trip to San Francisco 7-7 to 7/8 to meet with a vendor. (Not holding my breath on this one but it would be so sweet.) Potential meeting with other vendor on the 9th in LA. (Again. Not holding my breath.)

Fly out for Comic Con 7/22. Coming back on 7/27.

Fly out for family reunion first weekend of August. No flight purchased yet. Looking at flying into Green Bay and renting a car. Woooo.

Then nothing out of town until October.

... but I like this article.

4 Reasons Amazon.com Will Rule the World
By Rick Aristotle Munarriz May 20, 2008

Shares of Amazon.com (Nasdaq: AMZN) soared nearly 8% higher yesterday, fueled by a Goldman Sachs analyst upgrade.
Upgrading a retailer at a time when consumer discretionary-spending trends are coming under pressure is risky, but Amazon isn't just any retailer. )
So. I didn't get the job. I sort of had that feeling when in the interview with my DMM he talked about 'not having envisioned this as my career path'. That really sort of gives you the idea of where things are for your chances. I'm not disappointed - too much. I would really prefer another job, I think but... Man. The waiting is painful. I'm tired of this job and I'm pretty sure I've outgrown it.

But hey, I'm good at it.

On the fitness side of things. Last night I got signed up and going too late to do training with Kris, which is a shame but I did another 30 minutes on the elliptical machine. This time the first five minutes was really hard. But after that I was able to watch Jeopardy while I was going on the machines. If I can distract my brain from what my body is doing, exercise becomes a lot easier.

I've noticed that the morning after working out, I'm starving. I eat breakfast the morning after and I normally don't do that. In fact, food and I normally don't get along all that well in the morning most days. It was another deep sleep night. It is so hard for me to completely get into conciousness in the morning. I have Polka to thank for helping me this morning with a well placed headbutt into my eye. Thanks kitty!

Next week I'm going to have to move things around. I have a vendor dinner on Thursday which will likely mean I'm not going to make it to training, unless training is /really/ late.

Today I must buy my ticket back east for June. Look at potentially buying my ticket back east for August. Figure out my transportation to and from the airport for the Reno trip in June. And probably a million other things.

I need to go to sleep early today so I can get up early tomorrow. Note to self: buy laces for the really comfy shoes so you can wear them this weekend.
TV Guide reports that veteran actor Bruce Boxleitner has landed a top-secret recurring role in NBC's "Heroes."

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! *ahem* Noooo, I'm not a fan. Nooo, I didn't watch Scarecrow and Mrs. King or the Gambler TV movies or Babylon 5 (which got better when he was on it...)

Also, if you're interested, Amazon's put up snippets up the new Indy soundtrack. I'm trying not to get excited for this but I don't know if I CAN HELP IT! The ads have started to pull me in. (Ah... John Williams.)

Also, this summer is going to be travel-tastic for me.

June 12-14th, I'll be in Reno for work.
June 26th-30th, I'll be visiting my sister in Toronto.
July 22nd-27th, I'll be in San Diego
August 1stish through the 5thish, I'll be at the family reunion...
I've been at work less than two hours and I've already screwed up enough for an entire week.

Please let this not be a sign for how the rest of the week will go.

I'm dying over here.

I'm actually becoming really fond of this thing. Just launched and has lots of little bits and bobs about gadgets. I'm hoping to get more of my products on there sometime...
Please be aware that your Personal Time balance has reached its limit of 48 hours. At this time you are no longer accruing Personal Time.

If you think that's impressive, you should see my vacation accrual.
I guess I do know how to do my job.
July 25 Pemberton BC Pemberton Festival
July 26 Seattle WA Key Arena at Seattle Center

That's right. NIN will be here while I'm in San Diego.

Also, there is a camera vendor, who I will not name but you would totally recognize as being a name in cameras, who I am very upset with right now.

I really, really, really do not understand how people manage to stay in business.



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