Feb 21st - Chocolate Party at Mike's
March 3rd - Ben's Bowling Birthday
March 6th - Watchmen (No tickets avail yet...)
March 11-15 - Visiting da UP, eh?
March 16 - My birthday
Later in March - Birthday extravaganza for me, Kris and Holly. The 21st, maybe?
April 4 & 5 - ECCC!
April 9-12 - NorWesCon - Still torn on this one. Will go son Saturday for Crazy 88s. Not sure what else right now.
May 23-25 Sasquatch Music Festival
June - Mike's Birthday!
July 23–26 - SDCC
July 31 - Aug 2 - Family Reunion
September - PAX or Dragon Con. Still don't know which.
Q4 - Go 'way.

Anything I'm missing? Opinions, comments?
TV Guide reports that veteran actor Bruce Boxleitner has landed a top-secret recurring role in NBC's "Heroes."

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! *ahem* Noooo, I'm not a fan. Nooo, I didn't watch Scarecrow and Mrs. King or the Gambler TV movies or Babylon 5 (which got better when he was on it...)

Also, if you're interested, Amazon's put up snippets up the new Indy soundtrack. I'm trying not to get excited for this but I don't know if I CAN HELP IT! The ads have started to pull me in. (Ah... John Williams.)

Also, this summer is going to be travel-tastic for me.

June 12-14th, I'll be in Reno for work.
June 26th-30th, I'll be visiting my sister in Toronto.
July 22nd-27th, I'll be in San Diego
August 1stish through the 5thish, I'll be at the family reunion...



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