I am back from SDCC! It was awesome and I had fun and I relaxed and... generally was not stressed out. Until Sunday.

Geeze, that was the return trip of awfulness.

It started out totally promising with Anthony Stewart Head showing up and then sitting across the aisle and just behind me. That was pretty neat. Then the plane broke and it just got worse from there. I must note that celebrities being on planes with me spells flight calamity and doom - doom, I say.

Got my luggage back yesterday. Sean says he had three TSA tags. I only had one BUT they had very obviously opened my stuff. Not just may bag. No. They opened up sealed boxes. They opened up BOOKS sealed in SHRINKWRAP. I'm a little ticked off about this. Some of that stuff is for other people. If it was just MY stuff, I'd still be annoyed but probably less so.

Not cool. I understand that maybe my stuff was kind of cool and there were thins you wanted to look at and read BUT IT IS NOT YOUR STUFF. YOU DON'T GET TO DO THAT.

Anyway, on the positive side, it was generally a good trip and I will have nothing to do with American or Alaska on my way east.

Here is a list of the Best Films of the 00s. Not sure if I agree with all of the ones on here but generally, it isn't a bad list.,35931/ There is one in the Top 10 I don't agree with and only one in the Top 10 I haven't seen. If you haven't seen the 25th Hour, you can borrow it from me. I really like that movie but it isn't an easy movie at all.

Also, I am now writing articles/reviews for You can check me out over there: I should have something at least once a week but we'll see how that goes. Look at me! I'm writing and stuff.

37 days until PAX.

I love PAX.

The winner, based on feedback, for viewing 9 is The Neptune at 7:40 on Wednesday. YEAH!

It seems that Pixar is eyeing making an Ant-Man movie.

At PAX, I got a little grumpy Fran figure, four free shirts, two frosted d20s, a bottle of Tru Blood, 5 Penny Arcade collections and a lot of sore muscles. I also put money down on one of these lovely things (I've been eyeing it since ECCC) - Mine will be 4 across and 5 tall. Putting my comics in this will force me to go through them and weed out what I won't ever read again. There is a lot of stuff in there that I would like to read again but stored like they are, I'll never dig them out to read them. They also have a lot of other cool stuff on their site. I recommend taking a look, especially if you have minis -

PAX Day 3

Sep. 1st, 2008 07:20 pm
Sunday was much better for me in a lot of ways. I'm not at all sure why that is but it was much better for me.

It started out with me getting to the theater and no one being there. I waited. I helped out with the tabletop area and then waited some more for people to show up at the theater. I started cleaning the tables and the chairs since it was something of a mess. At 10 people started filing in for the Wil Wheaton panel at 11:30. There was still only me and no game plan AT ALL for how we were planning on dealing with the people that were coming.

We started getting everything set up and ready. No one had a solid game plan and we changed the plan about seven times. I was a bit annoyed by that. Still, by 11, the room was mostly full, even though I'd been told that we weren't in danger of filling the theater. Please. The theater might well have had 500 seats and standing room for maybe a hundred more or so. This is no Hall H. That said by the time the panel started, we were full. There was no more room, I'm sure we were close to violating fire code.

So, thus began my job of turning people away from the room. For the most part, everyone was very nice about it. There was one girl with punk-y hair and boarder shorts who attempted to get up in my face about it. It was sort of funny. She got there with the panel half over and insisted I let her stand in the fire exit to listen. I told her she couldn't. She called me a rude name and attempted to get in my face. I looked down at her, unimpressed and she made a threatening movement. I told her that I had like 4 inches and over 100 pounds on her and six guys standing behind me who had my back and that would likey be a bad decision on her part. After a moment or two she backed off and left muttering.

After that, I got to see the Jenga round of the Omagethon, which was insanely awesome, again, this year. Then there was excellent food at the juice bar for Enforcers. NOM NOM NOM. Then we took a trip through the EXPO hall again. There wasn't a ton of stuff there that I hadn't seen at least a little but it was nice to cover it again. And then it was time to be part of the Enforcer wall between the VIPs and the rest of the crowd. And the FINAL ROUND was VS EXCITEBIKE!

That was pretty cool.

PAX Day 2

Aug. 30th, 2008 09:18 pm

I hurt less today, which is awesome. I love this show, I really do but I don't know why I don't really feel.... I don't know... I just feel like I'm missing something. I'm probably missing tons of stuff but... Well... *shrugs*

Tomorrow will be interesting. The first panel in the theater I'm working with is Wil Wheaton. A 500 seat theater for a panel with him and a 50,000 person attendance.


That'll be fun.

Hrmmmm. Well. I'll look forward to seeing people tomorrow if you're around.

PAX Day 1

Aug. 29th, 2008 10:49 pm
Finished. I left earlier than I'd wanted because I hurt.

Because I've hurt since my workout on Tuesday. The workout yesterday didn't help.

If this pain my ankle keeps up, I'm likely going to go get some X-Rays or something because damn. It should not hurt like that to step off the bus. Except it didn't hurt when I jumped off the stage and I thought it would. My lower back is a near constant.

Go figure. Anyway. I will go crash now since I need to be back there in .... like... 9 hours or so and I'd like to spend most of those sleeping.

Busses tomorrow to get down there are at 8:19 and 8:34.

Ooof. Tired.



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