I feel so much better. About life, about myself, pretty much everything else.

And that, my friends, is why I go to Con. I spend three or so days feeling good, being active and talking about things important or not. It might not sound like much but I almost always feel better afterwards.

I felt great yesterday and today, now that I've slept for TEN hours, I feel even better.

Plans are in the making and toward those plans, I am going to do something that makes me feel a little uncomfortable but... Well... It needs to be done. I am going to open up a paypal account for donations.

Next NorWesCon, I want to throw a room party. These things are /not/ cheap. I am already throwing the Halloween and New Years parties with the help of two lovely gentlemen but this will be enough more expensive that... Well, they already help defray the costs more than I ever have a right to ask them to do and I am very thankful for that.

The Halloween party normally ends up costing me about $200 out of pocket. New Years is typically a little less since we're okay with working through what is left over from Halloween and people tend to bring their own alcohol to that one. (Well, their own /drinkable/ alcohol. We end up with lots of stuff no one wants to drink every party.)

So, I am going to start up the Tashi Station Party fund. The way I'm looking at it there is the Halloween party (to be Snakes on a Party this year and the week before Halloween or so by request), there is New Years and now there is NorWesCon. I will just need something in the summer and I'll have one party a quarter. That will come later. (Once I figure out a good reason for a party in the summer. Bleh. Summer.)

Yeah. Anyway. I'll let you all know how things are going. I'm going to make a party mailing list and such. I've already asked some of you for help next year and anyone else who might be interested in being ID checkers, potential bouncers, bartenders, hot party girls in the shirts Holly is designing or anything else that might be needed.... Let me know. There are like twenty or thirty of us that go to Con. I feel, at least, that we're more than due for doing something like this.



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