I don't know if I have a work thing tomorrow night or not, so I don't know if I can go see District 9 tomorrow or not. *makes a face* If I can, tomorrow at 7 at the Regal Meridian 16.

In other news, the Tron soundtrack is downloadable for $1.99 on Amazon today. I am listening to it right now. Hooray!

Word out there is that DC has sent out an offer to the comic shops (From Bleeding Cool)- "For every 25 copies of Doom Patrol #4, Booster Gold #26, R.E.B.E.L.S. #10, Outsiders ‘24 and your retailer orders, they can order a bag of fifty Sinestro rings, Agent Orange rings, Indigo Tribe rings and Star Sapphire rings respectively. For every 50 copies of Justice League of America #39, Blackest Night #5 and Adventure Comics #4 sees you with a bag of fifty Red Lantern rings, Green Lantern rings and Blue Lantern rings, also respectively." Man, I would like some of those.

Warner Home Video just announced a one-night 70th Anniversary Hi-Def screening of The Wizard of Oz on September 23rd. The film has been entirely remastered and you can find showings and tickets here. Looks like there are a few theaters in the area showing it.

Lionsgate is developing a remake of Dirty Dancing.

Joker and Batman breakdance fighting. It is interactive YouTubeness. It is worth a little bit of attention even just for the animation awesomeness.


Dec. 5th, 2007 10:52 am
May I present, The Dark Knight Before Christmas.

First order of the post - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY PIRATE QUEEN LYS! YEAH!!!

The BPAL order should be in late this week or early next week. That means we should have the sniffy party on the first of December. Is that okay with everyone? Edity-edit: How about next Wednesday, the 28th?

Phil Noto is going to be at the Emerald City Comic Con. This makes me very happy. I am hoping to be an actual volunteer at the show this year instead of running around doing volunteer things without being a volunteer. (I like helping people, what can I say? People are stuck at a table all day, sometimes they need some coffee or water or something. And I'm not doing anything vitally important....)

I'm going to stop myself from going off on a rant about how stupid it is that a lot of writers at the Comic Conventions I've been to just sit around with no love but artists... artists have lines that extend to the moon. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE me some comic art but it seems to me that one side here, doesn't live without the other.

Okay. Really stopping now.
... is released to the world.

There is a letter from Jeff Bezos on the front page of Amazon.

I would like to introduce you all to Kindle. I think that the idea here is fantastically awesome. Seriously fantastically awesome. It automatically saves your place in every book you have loaded. As well as there being an internal dictionary, there being bookmarking and notation...

I don't know if it is cool or not and at $400 it is really pricey. I'm going to see if I can get one from the people around here to borrow it, to see if I can try it out. Because, honestly, I could see this becoming a lot like my iPod. This would be something that I would just have with me all the time.

Eventually, the idea is, that I could have any book we sell on-line in my hands in 60 seconds. Which... It makes my heart give a thump. To be able to switch out books on the plane as needed if I get bored?

If only it did graphic novels...
... I've plugged this stuff and I doubt it will be the last.

If you love comics at all, you should go watch these YouTube sketches. They really are something of a love letter to comics. It took a bit to get into a plot but that's okay because the earlier stuff is just flat out funny. Even the absurd parts, the shifting characters and plots and.... The most recent plot arc just ended. It was good.


Meow Mix.

That's going to make me laugh for years.
http://ocvictor.livejournal.com/598157.html - A good explanation of the 'why' on the Writer's Strike.
http://ruckawriter.livejournal.com/22249.html - Amusing music video.
Cherie! LOOK HERE! - http://www.carbonchamber.com/steampunk/villanizer.htm

Bruce Greenwood has been cast as Christopher Pike, the Starship Enterprise's first captain, in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek.

And Beautiful Katamari is coming out for the Wii. (By the way, that was a hint, present buying public.)

Where as some people get into worse moods when fall and winter and darkness hits, mine seem to pick up. I am in a FANTASTIC mood and have been all week. I can't even explain how different I'm feeling than the last few months.

Also, Sean and Holly and everyone else, I'm going to want to get the artsy photos done a little earlier on Sunday. I'm planning on being there and ready to take pictures around 12:20. S'cool?



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