I saw a Watchmen smiley face on a pole on the way in to work this morning. Made me smile for a moment.

I had an argument with a friend last night as a Mod of the on-line RP community I'm most active in. I don't react well to this sort of thing and reacting less and less well to it over time. I'm internalizing my reaction more and more - which is causing some interesting issues with physical reactions to stress. It makes me wonder if I should still be doing this. Maybe it is time to step away from being a Mod. If I'm going to go to sleep thinking about these things, dreaming about them, waking up thinking about them and pretty much edgy because of them.... Food for thought.

There have been a few people let go around here recently. No layoffs or anything like that but it still makes people a little nervous. Especially since it is review time.

I'm really enjoying my Japanese class. It takes up time and is making me feel a little worn out but I'm really enjoying it. I'm going to want to continue on with learning - provided I'm able to actualy finish memorizing my hirigana. There are a few that I just can't seem to nail down, which is frustrating.

Griffey is coming back to Seattle for one more year. I would like to see him play again wearing Mariner's colors. I'm not expecting miricles out of the guy but man, it would be nice to suck less. And the Sounders season starts in a little less than a month!

As soon as Matt leaves, I'm going to be revising my gym schedule. Sitting down with Kris and talking about how we want to go forward. If anyone has any recommendations for a home yoga or pilates DVD, I'd be interested in hearing them.



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