Yeah, you!

So, in addition to the wild and crazy party on Friday of Halloween weekend, there is also going to be a much more coffee and boardgames (instead of vodka and karaoke) sort of thing at my place on Saturday. There is a book signing I'm going to at noon, so I imagine we can get rolling for that around 3ish. Feel free to bring anything you want to play as well as snack food, drinks or whatever tickles your fancy.

I'm going to work on getting a pro cleaning crew to come through the place again between now and then in the hopes of minimizing the allergy effects if you're concerned about that.
1 - I think that my Halloween theme will be Halloween cliches and tropes. I want to see your awful Dracula costumes, your green wicked witches, your randomly sexy for no reason anything. I think I'm gonna be a pirate. Feel free to blow off the theme if you want. Just dress up!

2 - I wrote up the crazy mess that is The Hobbit movie over at Pop Bunker. Check it out:

3 - I should get my pretty new shiny tomorrow. Hooray!

4 - Please remember I have two concerts at Benaroya Hall coming up on the 16th and 17th. The Saturday show is in the afternoon and the Sunday show is in the evening. There will likely be pumpkin beer after the Saturday show for me.

What else, what else... There was something else but I can't remember. I'll remember later, I'm sure.
I am feeling a dearth of inspiration.

What/who should I be for Halloween?
Soooooo. Halloween. Time to start talking about it.

No, no theme announcement from me yet.

What I am saying, though, is that I am teaming up for the uber mega-party of doom with Angel again on Friday.

What I am /also/ thinking of doing is holding a smaller, little less crazy times party at my place on Saturday for those of you who cannot make it to a Friday party.

Would anyone be interested in such a thing?


Let me know if you need details and that up there doesn't work.
In the words of the Joker... "And here we go."

The holiday center will be going up this weekend, I believe. I'll link that when it goes live. Looks pretty cool. I'd appreciate it if you'd all think about buying a digital frame for someone this Christmas. If you need something sub $50, I have a few that are still quality! Just ask!

Halloween party is tonight! I'm excited. I'm a little sad that there are some people who won't make it who usually do. Just one of those things, I suppose. I'm changing my costume because... I can. Or something. If you need directions or an invite or something, let me know!


Sep. 5th, 2008 03:49 pm
I've been getting questions about the party.

I have ALREADY made an announcement about it!

I do not have a theme I like this year, so I'm going with Angel's, however you choose to interpret that. As soon as I can figure out a good way to give e-mail addresses to her, you'll all get an invitation!

Halloween is fast approaching.

I know, I know, it isn't September yet. Pshaw. I've been living in December at work for the past two months. About time the rest of you get to catch up.

This year, I will be doing something a little different due to timing and other such constraints. Angel always gets Friday for her party and since this year Halloween itself is on a Friday...


We shall be like a Halloween party Voltron.

I will be sending Angel your e-mail addresses so you can be invited. Let me know if you are NOT interested in said invite here and I will make sure you are not among the e-mails I send over to her, for there shall be MANY e-mails.

Yes. If you look at the calendar it should be clear that the High Adventure Halloween Party is IN TEN DAYS! It is a Saturday, the day after Angel's party for those of you who are going to Angel's party.

I have sent out the evite to everyone whose e-mail address I have. If you can read this and you haven't gotten an evite invite and you WANT ONE, please let me know ASAP.

I expect to start freaking the hell out about people not coming and all of that jazz any moment now.
This is your first announcement!

There will be a HALLOWEEN PARTY this year. I know, that comes as a great shock to you all. It will be on OCTOBER 27TH this year. If you check your calendars, you will note that this is a SATURDAY!

I will be working with Holly for invites. I already have a few ideas and she, of course, is freaking brilliant.

The theme for this year is HIGH ADVENTURE! Yes, I know it is sort of vague but I want you to dress up in whatever fashion that makes you think. I know it makes /me/ think of Indiana Jones and The Rocketeer and The Shadow but I've heard a lot of different answers from a lot of different people on this one.

Be creative! Or, just come dressed as yourself. Heaven knows life can be enough of an adventure some days.


Oct. 16th, 2006 10:11 am
I have been betrayed by this building's mail service. I know, I know. I should have just dumped them in a mail box or taken them to the post office but I was HERE. So, paper invites are lost in the system. I imagine them in their black envelops to be sitting in a container somewhere gathering dust.

It makes me sad.

If anyone needs directions, please let me know. Pre-party jitters are begining to settle in as I'm worried that no one will come. I'm always worried that no one will come. Saturday around 5, I'll be freaking /CERTAIN/ no one will come.

This is why I think I'll be cooking at that point. Stew! And if my streak of domesticity continues, perhaps lasagna and cookies. We shall see.

So, come to the party! Bring your friends! There will be food and drink and fun people to talk to. I PROMISE!
Invite once again! )

Do you want an invitation?

It does not matter if you cannot come to the party. If you want an invitation, please go HERE and make sure I have your mailing address. If you would prefer it by e-mail, I can do that too.

The party is the 21st starting around 7. As usual, there will be stew and snacky bits. There will also be my giant assorted bar but if you want to be sure that there will be something there - bring it yourself. I will be mailing out snail mail invites shortly.

I will be posting and e-mailing directions some time next week.
Here it is, my friends.
The invite! )

And this should be @ gmail not hotmail but... whatever. All of you! Pay attention!

So, this weekend was interesting. It is very strange how sometimes you look back and see what happened and know that they're only related in the loosest sense. The pebble that starts the avalanche has so little to do with the actual things that are the problem.... Emotions are like that, though. Sometimes the smallest completely silliest thing will link into other things and you'll have reacted before you really know what's happening. And then later the reaction seems entirely our of proportion - except for that other stuff that was waiting beneath, just waiting for an opportunity.

There was a lot of cleaning this weekend - in my head and in my apartment. That's a win all around, I think. Many thanks to Holly and Jenga.

And of course, David got presents. He's eight now. Wow. Eight. Sort of insane how fast that goes.
The Halloween party will be on the 21st! It will be the same place as last year.

The theme, if you don't know it already, will be on the invitations.

I hope to have those out soon.

If your address has changed since last year, please either e-mail me the new address or comment here with said address. Comments will be screened.

Thank you!
More vivid dreams last night. I can't really explain them since they didn't make much sense once I'd woken up. There was the extremely paranoid and insular society that I somehow wasn't a part of (which is to say /everyone was/) that people had to work on sneaking me into. It was like living in East Germany or Communist Russia and some how living below the radar and then suddenly needing to exist in the structure of taht society for some reason. This involved car chases and people cutting through my ceiling to sneak into my apartment.

It was very strange.

This weekend is going to be really busy. Angel's party on Friday. My party on Saturday and then some sort of day after something on Sunday.

And because I want to make sure everyone sees them.... I will post the directions again.

For the Halloween party, I will be making stew and maybe chili. If you want something in specific to be at the party, please bring it as I'm not certifying that any one specific thing will be there. (Unless you make arrangements with me before hand.)

To get to the Halloween Party )

To get to Max and Holly's wedding )

If you have any questions, let me know.
Two events. Two sets of directions.

To get to the Halloween Party )

To get to Max and Holly's wedding )

If you have any questions, let me know.
I got the invitations from Holly for the Halloween party. Now I just need to print them out and send them. And speaking of sending them .... Please give me your snail mail addresses.

Also, I'm buying hockey tickets this Saturday. So far it is me and Holly and Julz. Anyone else want to go with us on November 13th? Let me know now!

Ummmmm... Yesterday sucked. Apparently my asthma is causing my cough. Though today I have less of a cough and more of the other symptoms they asked me if I had and I didn't yesterday. I hate being on anti-histamines. They make me so loopy. Even the non-loopy kinds.

If I were on the normal ones right now, I'd be QWERTY faced. I swear this to be the truth.

I need to pick up my comics and David's birthday presents.

I wish I could just stay home and sleep tomorrow but I have things that need to be done. Maybe Friday, though one of the vendors is taking us out on his boat that day...

Arg. I want to be done today. Almost there.
Howdy all.

We're preparing Christmas things here at work and it has me in a bit of a tizzy, to be honest. I have this desire to go out Christmas shopping. RIGHT NOW! (And yes... I already have the beginings of a list...)

I can't do that. I can, however, get addresses for Halloween and Christmas. So... Please... Step right up and enter your address for a Halloween invite and if I manage to do it this year, a Christmas card.

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