Back at work. Happy to be here, actually, even if my brain is a little mushy.

Now that all of the travel business is over, time to crack back down on myself for foods and what I'm eating and all of that fun. I need to start eating breakfast. I kind of hate it and my body rebels at the idea of food before 10am but it needs to happen. I need to go back toward more fresh veggies and less pasta/bread/rice. None of this sugar snacking, either, damn it. I've really slid there.

ECCC announced William FREAKING Shatner as a media guest on Saturday. I am so amazingly excited and at the same time, I feel a faint amount of dread. I have faith, though. Things will be okay. There will be better planning this year. I will institute changes myself, if nothing else.

What else, what else?

Ah, yes. I am lacking in faith that my laptop will actually die a true death before my warranty is up. I would like to get a new one so as I can play Civ 5 when it comes out without my laptop choking to death. (Or if anyone has an ideas of how to stop my current one from being so freaking stupid, I'd be up for those too. And yes, if you're up to it, I can describe 'freaking stupid' in more detail.)

And now, I will go find lunch. And attempt not to need a nap. Stupid time zones.



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