Yesterday was my dad's birthday. Today is Veteran's Day. These things are associated together and well they should be as my dad is a veteran. I love him very much, though I suffer badly from out of sight out of mind with people. I struggle with keeping as well connected as I'd like, I've seen my parents twice this year and while once that would have been enough, as I grow older I realize all of the changes in relationships as you become your own person and stop struggling against everything so very much.

So, Happy Birthday and Happy Veterans Day, Dad. I wouldn't the person I am today without you.

Yesterday, he sent on a request to me and I'm putting it up here.

Please vote for Ontonagon (in Michigan near where my parents live) to get a $10,000 grant from the NFL for an upgrade to the playground at the elementary school. There are 5 schools around the country in the finals of the original 1,200 who applied and you can vote for one, once each 24 hours until December 1. I would appreciate it if you would go to to vote for Ontonagon. (And now, I'll have my dad signing Ontonagon to the tune of Oklahoma for a few hours at the very least.) I know these kids would really, really appreciate it.

Feb 21st - Chocolate Party at Mike's
March 3rd - Ben's Bowling Birthday
March 6th - Watchmen (No tickets avail yet...)
March 11-15 - Visiting da UP, eh?
March 16 - My birthday
Later in March - Birthday extravaganza for me, Kris and Holly. The 21st, maybe?
April 4 & 5 - ECCC!
April 9-12 - NorWesCon - Still torn on this one. Will go son Saturday for Crazy 88s. Not sure what else right now.
May 23-25 Sasquatch Music Festival
June - Mike's Birthday!
July 23–26 - SDCC
July 31 - Aug 2 - Family Reunion
September - PAX or Dragon Con. Still don't know which.
Q4 - Go 'way.

Anything I'm missing? Opinions, comments?
So, my people, my readers, my friends... We come to the close of another year and, of course, I like everyone else get a little introspective. It seems silly that I get introspective at an arbitrarily set line in the ephemeral sand that is time but, what the hell. It isn't like I limit myself to getting introspective once a year. (Or even one a day, for that matter.)
I'm sure this will ramble some )

Current plans for the new year:
- Take Japanese classes with [profile] seanb.
- Start going to the gym 3 times a week after CES. Look toward 4 times after Kris' birthday.
- Find another activity other than the gym. I need to stop wussing out about the swimming thing or commit to something else. Yoga? Pilates? Karate? Arg.
- Get another tattoo. Maybe this.
- Go visit my parents.
- Commit to continuing to trying this dating thing, though the results have been generally unimpressive thus far. I think I'm totally doing it wrong. I could be a macro, I'm sure.
- Emerald City Comic Con - April 4th & 5th
- NorWesCon April 9-12th - Though right after ECCC.... I don't know. I would like to get a Family room again, since that was awesome. Should decide soon.
- SDCC July 23–26 - 40th year for the Con
- PAX September 4, 5, 6 - Though I admit that I'm truly tempted by DragonCon and those attempting to lure me down there.
- Save money for a trip to Europe in 2010.

My grandpa!

Dec. 3rd, 2008 09:44 am
You can see an interview with my grandpa about deer season and hunting here: Beware of two things. One, there are dead deer all over the place in the beginning of the segment. It isn't just deer laying on the ground, either, though it isn't too graphic, if you're sensitive to that, it could be shocking. Don't say I didn't warn you. Two, there is a flickering sound through out the whole thing and a machine noise in the background of most of is as well.

The stuff with my grandpa starts at about 1:15, if you want to skip most of the dead deer. There is also my dad at about 7:30 and the segment is over at about 11 minutes.

"Of course, we've only been married 68 years."

I need to get back again soon. I miss them.



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