There might be tickets left for your town!


Kris and I got some.
So far, this leads to nothing but a fun game.


Try to get it as close to the middle as possible before you hit Spin.

No idea where this leads just yet.

Edit: There are people with a lot of time on their hands. So. If you click on the wheel the colors in this order: bgygbrgbyrygbgybbrbyg you get to here: http://www.whysoserious.com/laughtilithurts/static.htm

I'm not sure where this goes but there is an interesting flash of Joker in here.
So, tonight while I was rocking away with Ben and Doug and Kris, there was Viral Marketing afoot!

Go to http://gothamcitypizzeria.com/. Poke around a bit. See if there is anything in specific you notice.

I will warn you right now that there is something on this site that might be spoilery enough that you might not want to see it. There is no frontal view of the person in question but you see /enough/.

For those of you who /want/ to see it, mouse over the letters HA in Gotham on the front page. The click on them. You'll be treated to a clip I heard about from the Chicago Comic Con preview.

This really just sums it up: )

Also, if you're interested, this is interesting to poke around - http://www.gothamcablenews.com/. Go watch the first episode of Gotham Tonight. Also, they're asking for photos or video of Batman - no matter how uncertain it might be that it is of Batman.
There is a chance for you to get in on some of the action right now. Go to www.gothamelectionboard.com and register to vote. Lots of interesting things to vote on.

Voting is over on the 12th and results will be posted on the 13th. Interesting. Also interesting is the phones distributed to people through other viral marketing activities have they've gotten text messages on them. As reported by the guys at Superherohype.com, the first message from Humanresources@whysoserious.com reportedly reads "Clowns, are you ready for some laughs? (y/n)". When the person responded with an affirmative, they received "You put a smile on my face. Hope you're not superstitious."

So, I'm guess there will be things a happening on Friday.

Too bad I'm going to be on a plane.


Well, here it is, my friends. Your very own chance to own a Batman themed Ducati.

Damn. It is so pretty.

Also, they're going to be asking for "Revenge Videos" for the Joker's henchmen. I'm somehow taken by the idea of crowbars and smashed candy. I think it would be theraputic.

Certainly better than eating all of it.


Apr. 30th, 2008 11:55 am
On a lighter note...

When Sean and I participated in the Joker event, there was a raffle. The person who won the raffle got a film canister with 'the trailer we'd just watched' inside it. The girl who won seemed minimally impressed and that seemed a damned shame. Now that I know what was inside that film canister, I'm even more annoyed. There was a Jokerized version of the trailer in there.

Damn. Like I said before, this trailer doesn't show you anything too spoilery but it walks right up to the line of it. I'm a little surprised with some of the choices. I need to watch that Joker trailer when I have a little more time. It is almost a frame by frame sort of deal.

Ian McKellen - “Yes, it’s true,” he said. “I spoke to Guillermo in the very room that Peter Jackson offered me the part and he confirmed that I would be reprising the role. Obviously, it’s not a part that you turn down, I loved playing Gandalf.”

Here are some more bits from delToro on The Hobbit and sequel - http://bigpicture.fancast.com/2008/04/news_del_toro_talks_hobbit.html

Hugh Jackman says that the Wolverine movie is going to be darker than the X-men movies. http://moviesblog.mtv.com/2008/04/29/hugh-jackman-looks-towards-batman-begins-for-wolverine-inspiration-talks-sequels/ That's hopeful.
My friend [personal profile] mizkit has a new book out today. Which means, of course, that I'm going to shortly enough be adding another book to the growing pile of them I have to read. I have NO idea why I'm amassing such a collection of them. It's like I'm afraid I'll run out or something.

Wait... That happens some times.

Well, no matter. Go give her stuff a try. Most of it is lighter urban fantasy. If you liked earlier Mercedes Lackey (before the dull and dry tomes of plot and no characterization) or Laurell K Hamilton (before everything became all about sex), I'd say you've got a fair chance at really, really liking these.

So, yesterday, there was Joker-ness afoot!

I got down to the park and there were a few Jokers milling about and I talked with some of them. We stood about chatting and Sean showed up not long after I started being chatty. And my organizing instinct started to kick in. I suppressed it for now, just talking to people who had an idea of what was going on. There was a paddle wheel boat that went by and a lot of us looked at that askance. Hrmmmm. Gathering by the water for a Joker thing and a boat that does not fit.... Hrmmmmm. But there was no gas attack or any crazy fish that we saw.

When we got within 15 minutes, I couldn't help it any longer. I knew there would be three clues, so I got everyone's attention and explained what I knew. People organized into groups. Once we got the clues they went out to get the numbers that answered the clues. About ten minutes later I realized the clues were sequential and that sending people out not together didn't help matters but we solved them all anyway. I felt badly about the whole thing but it worked out in the end. I stayed on the phone with Kris, while the groups ran about and Sean helped get the clues. And now I know there are lion faces on a building downtown. Never noticed that before.

We followed the clue that the numbers gave us from the internet and ended up in an alleyway behind a movie theater. This also had disturbing portents. Not much good happens in alleys, especially related to Batman. But there we met our clown and he handed out Joker cards. I'll take a picture of mine and put it up later, though I must admit that Sean's is much cooler than mine.

We marched to Pacific Place and then into the theater, where the ushers seemed confused that we would do all of this for a trailer but what the hell. I was more doing it for the card at this point than anything else. The trailer was really cool. I'm a little surprised that they're showing some things that they are. They're walking right up to the point of a few important things happening and not showing them but there is VERY little doubt as to what happens next.

I can't wait to see it again. It will be on-line Sunday.

Friday is Iron Man! WOooooo! All of the reviews I've read are very positive. I'm so hopeful.

And tonight is more hockey! YEAH HOCKEY! LET'S GO RED WINGS!

Gather with 300 of your closest friends at this exact spot on April 28th. (There are latitude and longitude coordinates.)

You'll need to be in contact with a partner-in-crime who has online access to relay your instructions once you're there. These instructions will give you the TRAIL to follow, but be sure to look both ways when crossing the street; we wouldn't want you to make an unscheduled visit to the ER now, would we?

Put on a smile and plan to spend about an hour or so bonding with your fellow clowns.


The spot is Victor Steinbrueck Park - Western and Virginia and the hunt begins at... 5:30 on Monday.

SEAN! HOLLY! We must do this! Kris has volunteered to be at home doing research-y computer things.

If you're in any of the following cities you too can play - Boston | New York | Los Angeles | Kansas City | Philadelphia | Toronto | Chicago | San Francisco | Dallas | London | Seattle | Sao Paolo. Go click on your portrait here - http://whysoserious.com/itsallpartoftheplan/

Go there. When there are photos with "Warrant Issued" beneath them, count the number of letters in the last name and then slide every letter in the last name forward one letter. (Something like 5SBNPO.) When you have that code, call the number of the Gotham Intercontinental Hotel. (http://www.gothamintercontinentalhotel.com/) Leave a message for the Consierge.

I called and left a message for Thomas Ramon. After I did, it turned from Warrant Issued to Package en Route.

I hope it was me that made it turn that way and not someone else. I also wish, desperately, I didn't leave my cellphone at home today.

Good luck to anyone who wants to play!

There is a package in Seattle. The address is not yet up on site.

With my luck, it will go up in the middle of my vendor meetings today.

Anyone up for a run?
The Dark Knight viral marketing has kicked into high gear again.

http://www.thegothamtimes.com/ - Things of note in the new paper: Ad for the Iceberg Lounge. Elephant killings, what? Poisoned cakes lead to delerium. Sushi place, eh? Family found dead at the carnival?
Who now has a half a box filled with I Believe in Harvey Dent promotional material to hand out at NorWesCon?

Oh yes.

I shall have Klingons sign my petitions, damn it.


Mar. 13th, 2008 02:37 pm
I have a plan.

I totally have a plan.

I need good color copies and some volunteers who will be at NorWesCon who don't mind being photographed for awesome purposes.


I am such a dork but man, is it fun.

Looks like we're reaiming the campaign toward Harvey. Rumors has it the new trailer will be coming out next week.

The e-mail you get back says:

"Citizens of Gotham! The future of our city rests in your hands!

Alone, we are helpless against the thugs and killers menacing our city.

Together, we have the power to take back Gotham.

In just a few days, you'll find out how."

And then it asks you to verify your e-mail address.

"Keep an eye on http://www.ibelieveinharveydent.com -- and get ready to join a movement that will transform our city!"



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