I am back from SDCC! It was awesome and I had fun and I relaxed and... generally was not stressed out. Until Sunday.

Geeze, that was the return trip of awfulness.

It started out totally promising with Anthony Stewart Head showing up and then sitting across the aisle and just behind me. That was pretty neat. Then the plane broke and it just got worse from there. I must note that celebrities being on planes with me spells flight calamity and doom - doom, I say.

Got my luggage back yesterday. Sean says he had three TSA tags. I only had one BUT they had very obviously opened my stuff. Not just may bag. No. They opened up sealed boxes. They opened up BOOKS sealed in SHRINKWRAP. I'm a little ticked off about this. Some of that stuff is for other people. If it was just MY stuff, I'd still be annoyed but probably less so.

Not cool. I understand that maybe my stuff was kind of cool and there were thins you wanted to look at and read BUT IT IS NOT YOUR STUFF. YOU DON'T GET TO DO THAT.

Anyway, on the positive side, it was generally a good trip and I will have nothing to do with American or Alaska on my way east.

Here is a list of the Best Films of the 00s. Not sure if I agree with all of the ones on here but generally, it isn't a bad list.,35931/ There is one in the Top 10 I don't agree with and only one in the Top 10 I haven't seen. If you haven't seen the 25th Hour, you can borrow it from me. I really like that movie but it isn't an easy movie at all.

Also, I am now writing articles/reviews for You can check me out over there: I should have something at least once a week but we'll see how that goes. Look at me! I'm writing and stuff.

37 days until PAX.
Chuck fans? Are you ready? You're not ready but I'll tell you anyway. Dolph Lundgren will be guest starring on the show next season, likely for the season opener. No word on if he'll be around for longer than that.

There is a picture of Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan out there, as it is EW's cover for their next issue. You can go here: to look. I can firmly say that I don't hate it. On the other hand, it looks a little plastic-y, much like the newly released Thor/Odin/Loki picture. (See here for that one: I think what will make or break both of these movies (costuming wise) for me, is what they look like in motion.

Top Cow is teasing something here: It looks neat. These guys have done a decent job of steering a little further away from all of the things they were doing that I hated recently. Enough so, that I've picked up a few issues of Magdalena and have liked it so far. So, I'm a little interested to see what is going on here. has posted details of the "Alien Anthology" set coming to Blu-ray. You'll be able to get it just in time for Halloween, as it will release on October 25 in the U.K. and October 26 in the U.S.. Go check out the features on this thing because there are a LOT of extra things.

So, there was a big kerfuffle about who is going to play the Hulk. Edward Norton wanted to do it but there was some sort of falling out between him and Marvel, so the word is that he's out of The Avengers. The rumor that started almost INSTANTLY after Norton posted on his Facebook about the situation, is that Bruce Banner would be Mark Ruffalo. Mark Ruffalo is a guy I don't have any opinions about one way or the other, really.

I'm sure next week at SDCC there will be a bunch of Marvel (ad DC) movie announcements. What I'm expecting: X-men First Class official cast
The Avengers complete casting
Something for The Flash
Announcement of a JLA movie post Batman 3.

There will likely be at least one other major DC character announcement (WW would make sense but it could be someone else) and Marvel ramping up some of the smaller characters (like the long rumored Ant-Man movie).

Torchwood US is sending out casting notices for [REX MATHESON] CAUCASIAN, Late 20s, CIA agent, a fast-tracked high-flyer, [ESTHER KATUSI] She’s early 20s, a Watch Analyst at the CIA and [OSWALD JONES] CAUCASIAN, Late 40s, a convicted murderer and pedophile. Sounds like the base will be in LA and be 10 episodes long.

Word is that Tim Allen had a clause in his Toy Story 3 contract for another Toy Story movie. This is pretty standard, just in case, but it is interesting to hear about.

Amber Tamblyn has signed on to appear in the upcoming season of "House" for a multi-episode story arc. I've always liked her so, I'll be happy to see her on a show I like.

Tron is getting a /lot/ of tweaks done, though they're all being done by people I like and trust with movies. It seems that a Tron: Legacy rough cut was shown to Pixar and some of the writers (including Brad Bird) are polishing a few points to help connect emotionally with the audience.

And, for the last thing today... You know how rumor was you wouldn't see the birth scene in Twilight: The Last Movie, OMG? Well, the screenwriter says that's so not true. Melissa Rosenberg says, "That was a misquote. The childbirth - all the scenes, I feel - should be on screen. I think perhaps what I was referring to was, would we actually see Edward's teeth through the placenta? I don't think so. I don't think we need to see that, and if someone needs to see that, I think they should take a look at that. [Laughs.] I believe it will be implied, but I don't think we'll see teeth in the placenta."

Yeah. I'll just leave you with that.
Some stuff.... y'know... some things. Now is the time when I get paranoid that I've missed something somehow. Bigger things, like... I dunno... plane tickets.
Woooooooohoooooo! )
Yep. Here is what I knew was missing. And more! The choice at the second half of the day is just brutal, brutal stuff.
Saturday schedule )
I'm a little stunned at how much of Friday is looking totally blank for SDCC. While all of what is listed here I wouldn't mind seeing, not much has a strong sense of urgency to it.

So you don't have to see all of the spam... )
Did you see Colbert last night? He he he! Go! Go watch! Even Steph(v)en again!

Chris Columbus is rumored to have been offered the new "Superman" film. That, I think, would be a pretty good match. Here's hoping.

Red is a movie starring Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren (with a machine gun!), based on a comic book series by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner. Summit Entertainment seem to have forgotten that very last bit. He's going to be at SDCC. He should totally be on the panel. BleedingCool is running a campaign in the hopes of getting him on the panel. Here's hoping!

Twentieth Century Fox and James Cameron today announced that AVATAR: SPECIAL EDITION will be released in theaters August 27, in a limited engagement and exclusively in Digital 3D and IMAX 3D. *sigh*

Here is a look at the first of the new Batwoman art -

There keep on being little leaks of information about X-men First Class. I'm sure the full cast will be announced at SDCC somewhere.
As much as I want to go see Danny Elfman, Tron wins. So, there will likely be some overlap here. This is, of course, the first pass. And there is no way I'll get from Hall H to Ballroom 20 and back again so I'll have to chose Burn Notice or Red. Damn.

First reported by Showbiz 411, it looks like Michael Fassbender is officially official to play Magneto. I think this is BRILLIANT casting. I've liked him in everything I've seen him in and at some point, I will watch Jonah Hex just for his malicious glee.

Marvel announced this morning that Jeph Loeb is now Executive Vice President, Head of Television, and will be in charge of bringing more Marvel properties to TV. This is also pretty huge, all things considered but feels like a ove to counter Geoff Johns' new job.

In case you didn't notice Neil Gaiman and The Graveyard Book won The Carnegie Medal. Also, Cherie Priest won a Locus award for Boneshaker. Hooray!

A limited number of SDCC badges will go on sale this morning at 10PST (like very shortly.)

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has announced that the "Back to the Future" 25th Anniversary Trilogy is hitting Blu-ray and DVD on October 26.

Sony is really trying to narrow down who is going to be Peter Parker. I imagine they'd like to announce who it is, is possible, at Comic Con.

Also, regarding the Hobbit, there are no deals yet. There are a lot of people who WANT Peter Jackson to direct it - that makes sense. In the end, though, there is no deal yet and it isn't like they'd be able to make anything until the MGM stuff is resolved.

You can find the teaser for The Social Network here: I have to admit, I'm now much more interested in this than I was before seeing it, so it certainly worked.

Daniel Radcliffe is said to be taking the lead in a new All Quiet on the Western Front. Not a bad move for him at all.

It looks like Marvel is moving to a Live Action Doctor Strange. Patrick Dempsey is rumored to want the role.

Here's a tidbit from the Glastonbury music festival this weekend for you Whovians out there:
ARE YOU GOING TO SAN DIEGO? ARE YOU SURE? Four Day Plus Preview Night is SOLD OUT ALREADY. Four Day Without Preview Night will be sold out SOON. GET IT NOW!

Writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci along with one of the CSI: NY writers are going to relaunch Hawaii 5-0! CBS gave the project a pilot commitment today.

Word is that M. Night Shyamalan is going batty trying to edit Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Variety is reporting that the new Venom film will be about. “an anti-hero who becomes a defender of the innocent.” While Venom went through that phase in the 90s, it wasn't ever something that was very popular for him. We haven't even seen him as an effective villain and we already want to make him into an anti-hero?

Sooooooo. It seems that in episode 10 of this season of Smallville Oliver Queen will meet the evil version of himself. And the evil version will be called .... The Dark Archer. Oh yes.

Variety says don't expect another Simpsons movie anytime soon - at least until the tv show is done and over.

CBS has given full season orders to "NCIS: Los Angeles" and "The Good Wife". ABC has extended "Cougar Town", "Modern Family" and one other new comedy and I can't remember what the name of it is right now.

"The whole time, from when I began, the one storyline that I went, 'That's a movie!' -- because I was reading the comics -- was this whole saga in Japan, which was really beautiful and different and fantastic." - Hugh Jackman to Katie Couric

"Turn off the Dark" (aka the Spider-Man musical) has found backers and funding! It seems that things will move forward now.

Fox has picked up 13 episodes of “Jack and Dan,” a new hourlong action comedy from “Burn Notice” creator Matt Nix. It will star Bradley Whitford (from the “West Wing”). - ButtNumbAThon details are here.
So. Here is the begining of my recap of the SDCC trip.

We fly down on Tuesday and again, I feel justified in the choice of Virgin America as my airline of choice for this trip. If only SFO's Terminal A weren't entirely frustrating my trips on this airline would be brilliant. (Interestingly, they have a 'read' function on the plane that has not yet been activate. I ponder this.)

We got to the hotel, checked in, marvelled at the softness of the beds and then went out for dinner. We went to the In-N-Out and enjoyed it entirely. (YUM YUM YUM.) On the walk there and back we scoffed at the parking attendant who told us it was a drive and not a walk when we'd asked for directions. Seriously people, half a mile of flat roads is nothing to walk. Please. We got to see lizards and birds and ducklings too, which was nice.

Wednesday - Preview Night. We have a lovely brunch of waffles and make our way to the convention center. We get in line to get our badges, which is something I've never done before. Usually there is no line for that and then there is a million year long line for Preview Night. This line ended up moving pretty fast but was very prone to the staff having no clue. They started giving out programming books and then were shocked when swarmed. They said we'd be let in at a certain point only to be let in MUCH before that. Ah well. Such things happen. We get in, get badges, get in line again. There is much reading that happens in line. Then we go down to Preview Night, which is the same zoo it always is. I had a few things I wanted to get a hold of but I don't like spending too much time there as it is a feeding frenzy. Not really to my taste.

The SiP Omnibus was caught in customs. Some of the CBLDF stuff - also caught in customs. In fact, this was something I heard a lot through the weekend.

Wednesday wrapped up with dinner with [personal profile] flusterbunny and a good time was had by all.
John Barrowman keeps saying that he wants to play Captain America. Man. I think he could probably pull off Steve Rogers.

Archaia has announced that it will produce original graphic novels exclusively for the the Kindle. iPhone and iPod users can get these comics via Kindle’s app on the iTunes store. I will be very interested in seeing what this experience is like. I don't know any of Archaia's stuff, which makes it even more interesting right now.

There are some Iron Man 2 screen shots over here: They're not very good but there is one of War Machine.

Bryce Dallas Howard will take the role of Victoria in the upcoming production of Eclipse (Twilight 3).

Variety says that Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment are turning "The Lorax" into a 3-D CG animated feature.

The Independent, a UK newspaper, says that Miley Cyrus is set to star in a remake of The Bodyguard with Hugh Jackman opposite her. That whole idea hurts my brain. First of all, remaking that movie and remaking it with a 16 year old and a 40 year old? REALLY? WHAAAAT?

IDW has announced that Bill Willingham will be taking over the “Angel” series beginning with issue #28. Woohooo!

The Lost panel was mostly misdirection but there were some confirmations that the whole "blow it all up" plan worked. Oceanic having a 30 accident free record, Hurley having started a fried chicken chain, Kate being on America's Most Wanted... And, of course, Charlie not being dead.

Tiny Titans book won the Eisner for Best Publication for Kids. And there is, really, no better funny book out there. It is entirely hilarious every month.

At the Book of Eli panel, Gary Oldman said that the filming of the third Batman movie would start next year. The writers sort of shrugged in reponse to that and said that Nolan is still doing other things and when he's done, we'll have more knowledge of what the Batman timetable looks like.

I'll write up my own observations of these panels soonish but work is crazy time, trying to catch up on everything and be in meetings. Per Bleeding Cool, "San Diego Conference Center has been told by the San Diego Comic Con organisers that they must significantly increase the size of the building and available facilities by 2011, or Comic Con International will move locations". It has to happen if it is going to stay in San Diego. It is simply just too big for that building. There are other places that are starting to put in bids for the convention, including Las Vegas. While I really would not look forward to Vegas in July, they certainly have the space in the convention center. Having been there for CES and PMA, the place is certainly big enough. And it would be nice to see famiy and friends down there.

And there will be more updates over time.
... well, forever.

I'm not even there yet and it appears I have won a shirt! - I've always liked Drew McWeeny's reviews and I like his new site and I like the shirt, so I'll be happy to wear it at the Con.

Also, I'm glad that the Stumptown shirt design turned out well: I'm hoping to be able to get one of those too because, well, it looks fun and I'd wear it more than once.

I still don't know what color Lantern shirt I want. Realistically, I know I'll get a black one because, well, have you seen my wardrobe? Other than that, I'm not sure.

Yes, I might well end up with more shirts from the show than there are days I'll be there but that's not uncommon. I usually come away with a few free ones. I think my record is four, though I only got one last year.

That brings me to the question - Anything anyone wants me to try to pick up for them? I have a few requests already but it is usually better to get them in one place.

JR: Anti-Monitor points stuff
Kris: Katie Cook stuffs
Ian: Kyle Lantern shirt

For starters: (This is just a quick glance. Too busy to look in detail ATM.)

2:30-3:30 USA Network's Burn Notice— Bruce Campbell (Sam Axe), Matt Nix (creator and executive producer) and Alfredo Barrios, Jr. (co-executive producer) host a panel discussion and answer questions about the creative process of evolving an embryonic idea into a finished episode of cable's #1 hit show. Fans will gain an intimate look inside the world of Burn Notice, complete with war stories from the writer's room and filming on location in Miami. Exclusive video content will include tips on how to survive Comic-Con from your favorite burned spy, Michael Westen (played by Jeffrey Donovan), highlights from the previous two seasons, and an exclusive sneak peek at future season 3 episodes, including the half-season finale and beyond. Ballroom 20

3:45-4:45 Entertainment Weekly: Wonder Women: Female Power Icons in Pop Culture— EW will moderate a conversation with Sigourney Weaver (Avatar), Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost), Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars), and other stars about the actresses who have redefined the rules and the female characters that have shattered the glass ceiling for all women. Basically: a discussion with women who kick ass. Ballroom 20

4:45-5:15 Terry Gilliam's The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus— Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of both Comic-Con and Monty Python, we welcome the sole American Python, the great animator and director Terry Gilliam (Time Bandits, Brazil, 12 Monkeys) to introduce you to his new film starring Christopher Plummer, Johnny Depp, Heath Ledger, Colin Farrell, Jude Law, Verne Troyer, Tom Waits, and Lily Cole.

6:30-7:30 Unlocking Arkham: Forensic Psychiatry and Batman's Rogues' Gallery— Arkham Asylum holds some of Gotham City's most disturbed criminals. But do they truly belong there? From the vantage point of a forensic psychiatrist utilizing real-world psychiatric diagnostic criteria, panelists explore the mental disorders of the Dark Knight's Rogues' Gallery, with in-depth analyses of The Joker, Two-Face, Riddler, The Ventriloquist, Mad Hatter, and Mr. Zsasz, among others. Learn as three psychiatrists explain the meaning of such terms as "psychotic," "not guilty by reason of insanity," and "psychopathy." Bring your questions, and join the fun as experts unlock Arkham Asylum and possibly set free some of its "inmates"! Panelists include H. Eric Bender, M.D., University of California, Los Angeles; Praveen Kambam, M.D., University Hospitals/Case Medical Center, Cleveland, Ohio; and Vasilis K. Pozios, M.D., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Room 4

..... Huh?

Jul. 9th, 2009 10:32 am
""The Dark Knight” producer Charles Roven and “Transporter” producer Steve Chasman are teaming up to produce “The Destroyer,” a franchise vehicle that brings back ’80s action hero Remo Williams. The pair have set up the project at Columbia." - From

Remo.... Really? Man, I loved that cheesey mess of a movie. Especially the theme song. Because that was amazingly 80s in the same way LadyHawke's theme is too. Looks like they're going back to the books for this one, the concept of which sounds very Suicide Squad - "Williams is sentenced to the electric chair, but his death is faked so he can be reborn as the vigilante character the Destroyer, joining a top-secret assassin squad set up by the government to operate outside the bounds of the law."

Animation greats Hayao Miyazaki and John Lasseter and directors Robert Zemeckis and Tim Burton will take part in their first ever Comic-Con, per Disney's press release.

Comics Continuum has an unconfirmed report that Warner Bros. Animation is pushing forward with an animated “Jonah Hex” short film. The rumor goes that this might pave the way for other short film projects if it does well.

Marvel has announced that the Ultimates line is... (sighs) going to get 'Foilogram' covers. Really? We're back to that? 3-D, Holographic foil covers? “The following Special Variant covers for the launch of the new Ultimate Comics line will be a Foilogram cover with the regular cover art surrounded by holographic foil.”

Brain fuzz

Jun. 25th, 2009 02:12 pm
Man, am I loopy today. No idea what it is but I'm having a hard time focusing.

WB TV's Comic Con schedule has been announced and is here: I might try to get into one of those Pilot screenings. I'd like to see the Human Target and V ones at least...

Here is Fox's Comic Con Schedule -

Also from ComingSoon - "Lucasfilm Ltd. and G4 are joining forces for a milestone in San Diego Comic-Con International's 40-year history the first-ever, exclusive television broadcast of a presentation from the massive pop culture convention. "The Star Wars Spectacular!" will air Saturday July 25th at 2:00pm ET/PT only on G4, and will feature never-before-seen footage, breaking news, surprise announcements, guest stars and more."

Watchmen is coming back into theaters with an additional 25 minutes of footage just before it comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray. Zack Snyder will also be hosting a showing, you guessed it, at Comic Con.

Ryan Reynolds will star in Buried. He'll be playing a civilian contractor who gets kidnapped in Iraq and awakens buried in a coffin in the desert, armed only with a cell phone, a candle and a knife. Ooooooooo.

Wizard has announced that it has purchased the Toronto Comicon. Hrmmm.

The 82nd Academy Awards, which will be presented on March 7, 2010, will have 10 feature films vying in the Best Picture category. This is partially due to The Dark Knight not making it last year and everyone being all a flutter.

Zak Penn says to Sci-Fi Wire: “It’s hard to make a good movie.“ We all have the best intentions, and it still might suck.” This is in reference to The Avengers. There is a vote of confidence for you.

Here is a /good/ what to do, how to do SDCC:

The viral marketing for District 9 is ramping up. There is a new video out there announcing that non-humans have escaped and you should be wary. Visit or call 866-666-6001 for more information

Callum Blue has joined “Smallville” as a series regular playing General Zod. Wheee?

It looks like the live action RoboTech and Bebop movies are still moving forward but we're still in the 'tweaking the script' stages.

Warner Bros has set an April 16, 2010 release date for director The Losers. Anyone read that one? Should I pick it up?

And.... I think that's it right now.
BBC America announced that it is bringing the cast and creators of Doctor Who, Torchwood and Being Human to Comic-Con International in San Diego next month. I GET TO SEE DAVID TENNANT IN PERSON! *bounces around* I will make this happen. Hopefully, it will be non-conflict-tastic.

If you want some more information about Blackest Night possibilities, look here.

Currently there is a fake trailer for Whiteout going around. It isn't actually a trailer but it part of what they put together for SDCC two years ago. The real trailer, per Mr. Rucka, is coming in front of Orphan in July. Whiteout's release date is 9/11 (great choice, guys) which leaves you plenty of time to read the graphic novel.

Virtuality looks really, really interesting. Here are a few clips.

Neil Patrick Harris is going to be a villain on The Brave and the Bold named "Music Meister" in an episode called “Mayhem of the Music Meister!,” set to debut during Comic-Con International. There will be singing involved. The next episode of the show will have Kamandi, Big Barda and Mister Miracle in it!

There are a lot of rumors going around that Christopher Nolan might not be interested in coming back for a third Batman movie and that WB is shopping around for other possible directors. No confirmation from any sources I'm willing to trust but last I heard reliably is that Nolan didn't have a plot for a third movie and had other things he wanted to tackle first.

Fandango has announced that Michael Bay's Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is outselling J.J. Abrams' Star Trek and the original Transformers in presales.

Producer Don Murphy says he has a director for We3 in John Stevenson. There is no studio just yet, though. - I think this speaks for itself, really. The LA Times 'Girl's Guide to Comic Con' is a bunch of trash. Because I'm sure the only reason I go to SDCC is because of all of the hot guys. ....... WTF? This pairs together well with that 'boys only' contest going on out there for passes.

The Risky Biz Blog reports that Universal and Imagine are developing a Bride of Frankenstein remake. Ugh.

Rick Worthy is in negotiations to play a recurring role on Heroes. Which might get me to give this a chance again.

Rumors are flying heavily that Bloefeld will be in the next Bond movie but since we've JUST gotten the writers settled on that, it might be a bit early to say.

There are some good fan made trailers and posters for Spider-Man 4. They seem to want The Black Cat. I wouldn't be against that. Get away from MJ entirely.

There is a new trailer out there for Fame. I'm still not entirely sure this is a needed remake. Then again, since there aren't really musicals or music videos happening anymore, it is nice to get exposure for some young artists. There are good actors involved in this production.... Well, make your own decisions on it -



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