Last night, thanks to Mike, was the first night of the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE.

He got me Left 4 Dead and insisted I open it early.

OMG, what a great freaking game.

Brian and I played while Kris watched. Our first comment was something along the lines of: "Crap, they're fast." Followed by many more "OH GOD! OH! NO! JESUS! STOP STOP STOP!"

I love that game very much.

And I am very tempted by today's Gold Box Deal. All nine seasons of The X-files for $124. Verra tempting.
Here are a few ideas of things you could get me if you don't want to buy me some sort of stuff that sits on a shelf somewhere or something like that. These are all things that I buy for myself every year and would love to have as a present.

CBLDF Membership -
SIFF Membership -
Sci-Fi Musem Membership -

I will, of course, also accept any sort of donation to the charity of your choice.

Not that I'd turn down gifts or money but if you're looking for something different, I thought I'd give you some ideas.

Kris: Haha! that's going to be you, isn't it.
me: Totally.

Except, you know, I take like a month to play a game. I'll be at it until and and then after my birthday.

My Wish List


Oct. 13th, 2005 03:54 pm
This is totally badass. I love his work but he never ceases to amaze me.

Note to self - remember all of the excellent writers and artists on my LJ friends when giving out Christmas presents this year.

Hey! You!

Oct. 12th, 2005 09:21 am
If someone needs a Christmas present to get me? Civ IV would be nice. *nodnod*

Ummmm. There is a New Robert Jordan book out and thus far I have abstained from the crack but... I will read it. Sooner or later. My hiatus on buying things for myself seems to have reached out earlier into the year.

Though I'm still buying Batman Begins on the 18th. Sean and I are buying each other Kingdom Hearts II for Christmas. A few weeks early.

Also on the list of things I would like - either Katamari game, the new Sims expansion... and NOT Myst V.

Yeah. It's a slow morning. Why do you ask? (Sometimes working here has me exploring the site for far too long.)



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