Holly and I went to go clean out Tracer X yesterday to find that the day I had been given by the insurance company didn't actually mean 'by the end of the day'. In fact, it might have meant by noon but I'm not entirely sure that's true either. He had been taken away to the lot where he will be assessed already. Calling Progressive, they told me he's going to a lot in Arlington which is open 9-5 (ha ha) and I can go up there and get all of my things or I can have them mail them all to me.

So, all of my stuff (and it had better be all of my stuff) will be mailed to me by the people who now have my darling car.

I'm agreived by this. I'll be calling Progressive about that again today.

The rental car I got is a Chevy Impala and it is so much more car than I need. The thing isn't quite a boat but it is a bit unwieldy and has crazy gadgets and fiddly things that are alien to my car needs. (It also has no real good way for me to check my blind spot over ym shoulder. HATE THAT.) After a few tries to get it into the garage, I pretty much just gave up. A good thing to remember for future car purchasing when I have the heart and the drive to do it.
So, this weekend on my way from Chorus rehearsal to the Belgian Beer Festival, I was in a car accident. I was headed east along 45th headed up the hill past the University Village and a young woman took a left in front of me across the double yellow. Alas, the front end of my noble Tracer X was crunched in and the chances are that he is, in fact, a total loss. This is unsurprising to me as, well, the last accident he was in was also deemed as such and there is a /lot/ more damage to him in this accident.

So, later today, I'm going to go get a rental car that the other driver's insurance is providing and get all of my stuff out of my dearest car. I really, really don't want to go shopping for a new car since a) a lot of money and b) a lot of hassle but, well, it really looks like fixing my darling car will cost me more than buying a quality used car. Not that I really know how to do that. It isn't as though I've ever actually done this whole used car shoping thing, except with my dad in high school.

I'm physically okay, a little sore and twingy at times but I'm okay - everything works just fine.

Much thanks to Ben and Meredith for coming out to be with me after the accident. Having never really been in one like that before, I was generally a bundle of useless.

And now I am sad because he's still a perfectly fine working car, except his front end is smashed in and it'll cost too much to fix him. It feels silly to be so emotional about a car but, well, there it is.
I went to the gym last night. I did 45+ minutes on the elipitcal machine. And, well, I felt good afterward. It is a little weird. I didn't feel angry or in pain or worn down to nothing. I felt... good. Which is not something I can ever remember a workout at a gym doing. The only difference I am aware of is that I was watching college football while doing it.

Honestly, if watching TV or sports in general can make me want to not only, continue exercising, but push harder in doing so? Sign me up. I will freaking watch whatever it is I need in order to do that hour of cardio 3+ times a week. Maybe it is some sort of mental response to watching people do something physically taxing, some sort of 'hey, I can do that to'. I really have no idea it but I like it.

Totally unrelated, it is good to remember that while all squares are rhombuses, not all rhombuses are squares. And this also applies to people and pretty much every possible way you could slice up different ways to look at people. (And some even go a bit further than that.)

What else... Oh! We're going to have THE BEST CONCERT EVER in February. Seriously. I am so excited about singing some of this music on stage. It just keeps getting better and better. Tonight I'm going to try to become a Von Trap child. We'll see how it goes.


Jan. 10th, 2011 04:54 pm

Books I want to read:
The Windup Girl- Paolo Bacigalupi
The Native Star - M.K. Hobson
Heart-Shaped Box - Joe Hill
Locke & Key (Graphic Novel) - Joe Hill
The Broken Kingdoms - N. K Jemisin (The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms was fantastic.)
The Living Dead 2 - Anthology. The first one was good and I know someone in the second one!
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks - Rebecca Skloot
Under Heaven - Guy Gavriel Kay
Ghost Story - Jim Butcher (Yeah, not until April, I know.)

Books I have that I need to read:
Shadowrise - Tad Williams
Arms-Commander - L. E. Modesitt Jr.
Imager - L. E. Modesitt Jr.
Deadnought - Cherie Priest (Started this at the gym.0
Catie's newest bit of Old Races awesome.
The Folding Knife - K. J. Parker
Tongues of Serpents - Naomi Novik

The military tactics of Joan d'Arc book I found as well as the book on Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Anyone else have any recomendations
I really needed the week off for a lot of reasons. I didn't get to all of the things or people I wanted to but I did get a lot of stuff done. And I got to spend some time with myself, which I also needed. Sometimes I don't like spending too much time in my own head but as someone who analyzes pretty much every emotion and reaction she has, it can be needed to make sure I'm not just compartmentalizing all of the problems somewhere where I'm not going to see them until they've managed to sink me.

I've been living the past few weeks with a general sense of low lying dread. I know why this is (there are multiple sources of worry) and there is not really anything I can do about any of them. This is where most of my coping ability falls apart. I am much better when I can be doing something about issues. Most of these, though, are hurry up and wait and patch up as I can.

So, a general state of the me:
- I went to the gym yesterday. I need help with this. I need to keep going. I have never lost weight through pure exercise and I don't think I will this time either but I was in much better shape a year ago than I am now. I liked being in that sort of shape, so back to the gym I go. I am crap for keeping myself motivated about these things. (See lack of weight loss.) The improvements are there but they are incremental and very hard to track. So, I must just do this. I am worth it, though it can be hard to remember all of that.

- Food. I'm not going to say diet because that word comes with a lot of different stupid baggage. I'm making a change and I'm sticking to it. (Or that's what I'm telling myself today and every day.) Enough with the fried, high carb junky food. I know it is bad for me, I know it does nothing for me. I need to eat more protein and less sugar. More protein and vegetables and less french fries and pizza.

- More forward looking plans. I do a lot of this now but not enough of it where money and long term betterment come in. Not just of myself but of those around me as well. I've started up a 529 for David (If there are those who would like to be on the list of contributors, lemme know.) and am looking into how I can get a college fund going for Liam as well. If anyone knows how to get a college fund going for someone in another country, please let me know. Or if you have other long term investing plans that would work about the same, I'm interested in that too.

- Get out there. Go. Be available. Meet new people. Don't be afraid to tell people how you feel about them. Also, don't self-sabotage. Feel free to hold people accountable for their reactions to you. Be comfortable with yourself but not permissive of negative behaviors.

- Do more things that mean something. And, no, I can't define it better than that. I took steps that way in 2010 but I haven't quite gotten there yet. Help create, create, support, change lives.

So, I don't know a good way to let you all know what I have on my Kindle but if I can loan it, I'm totally up for doing so!

I am now loaning Kris The Hunger Games.


Dec. 27th, 2010 09:52 am

As a recommendation, if you're not sure of your emotional footing, I do not recommend clearing through boxes when you're not sure what's in them.

Or, apparently, much of anything else, either.




Dec. 24th, 2010 01:19 pm

Oh, I love it so....
.. where I really just have to organize everything and clear out a bunch of stuff. I'd meant that to be next week but it seems I couldn't help myself and started this weekend. All of my movies are going into sleeves and into binders. There is an app that allows me to scan barcodes and store the list of movies I have with it. Genius. I didn't buy enough binders but that can be over come.

I'll be clearing out any clothes I haven't worn since moving. I have too many shirts that never see the light of day, no matter how much I like them.

I want to get an actual cupboard.

I want to rearrange my room. I cannot wait until my lovely comics chest comes so I can put my comics somewhere where people can pull them out and read them if they want.

I want to come up with a way to better display/hold my alcohol.

I want a better place/way to store the board games we have.

I have so many things that I'm never going to use/read/wear... I just feel this overwhelming need to get rid of them and better organize my space.

So. Yeah. Stuff. Usually this comes with a move but I guess now it also comes when I'm feeling things are getting a little out of control. Sort of a 'okay, that's enough of /this/' response.

Here's hoping.
- Meet up with Jenga
- Receive delivery of and put my comics into this lovely.

- Catalog my DVDs and put them all into holders. Need more shelf space and the cases take up a LOT of space.
- Figure out a better cupboard/pantry deal. The bookshelf has got to go.
- Touch up the paint that has been smudged/chipped/scuffed.
- Get a bigger bookshelf for my room.
- Put things into my closet in the space that was taken up with comic boxes.
- Renew my memberships to things: Sci-Fi Museum, EMP, SIFF.
- Go see the Picasso exhibit.
- Stuff and/or things.
Tickets are on sale for the Cinerama!

7PM looks like the choice for Friday the 17th.

I have two tickets.

You can see Kris at about the 5:20 mark!

I really, really like some of the songs we're singing. They're lovely.


Nov. 19th, 2010 09:22 am
You know, I remember picking up a copy of the comic mentioned here and being embarrassed and then floored and then totally thrilled by it. God, I can't remember when it was but I knew who the characters were so it was likely late, late high school. (The linked to fax says 94 and that's probably about right.)

I need to pick up Absolute Death at some point to go along with my Sandmans.
Hey everybody.

It is that gift giving time of year again.

So, lemme know if there is something you have your heart set on or something you really /need/ right now and I'll see what I can do. (And it may be that I can, in fact, do very little.) If there isn't anything specific, I'll do that typical shopping thing. Wheeeeeee?

I wonder if someone is unhappy with her husband about his stances.



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