Jan. 25th, 2011


Holly and I went to go clean out Tracer X yesterday to find that the day I had been given by the insurance company didn't actually mean 'by the end of the day'. In fact, it might have meant by noon but I'm not entirely sure that's true either. He had been taken away to the lot where he will be assessed already. Calling Progressive, they told me he's going to a lot in Arlington which is open 9-5 (ha ha) and I can go up there and get all of my things or I can have them mail them all to me.

So, all of my stuff (and it had better be all of my stuff) will be mailed to me by the people who now have my darling car.

I'm agreived by this. I'll be calling Progressive about that again today.

The rental car I got is a Chevy Impala and it is so much more car than I need. The thing isn't quite a boat but it is a bit unwieldy and has crazy gadgets and fiddly things that are alien to my car needs. (It also has no real good way for me to check my blind spot over ym shoulder. HATE THAT.) After a few tries to get it into the garage, I pretty much just gave up. A good thing to remember for future car purchasing when I have the heart and the drive to do it.



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