Jan. 24th, 2011

So, this weekend on my way from Chorus rehearsal to the Belgian Beer Festival, I was in a car accident. I was headed east along 45th headed up the hill past the University Village and a young woman took a left in front of me across the double yellow. Alas, the front end of my noble Tracer X was crunched in and the chances are that he is, in fact, a total loss. This is unsurprising to me as, well, the last accident he was in was also deemed as such and there is a /lot/ more damage to him in this accident.

So, later today, I'm going to go get a rental car that the other driver's insurance is providing and get all of my stuff out of my dearest car. I really, really don't want to go shopping for a new car since a) a lot of money and b) a lot of hassle but, well, it really looks like fixing my darling car will cost me more than buying a quality used car. Not that I really know how to do that. It isn't as though I've ever actually done this whole used car shoping thing, except with my dad in high school.

I'm physically okay, a little sore and twingy at times but I'm okay - everything works just fine.

Much thanks to Ben and Meredith for coming out to be with me after the accident. Having never really been in one like that before, I was generally a bundle of useless.

And now I am sad because he's still a perfectly fine working car, except his front end is smashed in and it'll cost too much to fix him. It feels silly to be so emotional about a car but, well, there it is.



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