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So. It has been a crazy busy time. I've been informed that I'm not putting enough on LJ recently. I will attempt to do this more.

The last weekend in February, I was in a concert with the Seattle Women's Chorus and Kathy Najimy. It was fun and hard work and all around a fantastic experience, even if I did have to make my way long the top row of risers in the dark multiple times a show. At one point, Ms. Najimy put her hands up to support my legs because, "I thought you were going to fall off!" Thank you very much for the help.

Last weekend, from which I am still recovering, was Emerald City Comic Con. Wow. That was such a better experience than last year. Not say there aren't still things to work on (because there are) but things were sssssssssssssooooooooooooooo much better. Thanks again to Kris and Holly who I dragged into this in the first place, for sticking around and making it super awesome. At ECCC I met Rachel and Terry Dodson (from whom I acquired a lovely Rogue sketch) and John Rogers (writer of Blue Beetle and creator of Leverage) and Bruce Boxleitner (TRON! OMG!) and I got to gaze at James Marsters from across a short distance. I talked with a bunch of people I would love to see more often and generally had an excellent time.

Looking forward, well, it just doesn't stop, does it?

3-11 Amsterdam with Cody, Steve and Sean
21-24 NorWesCon

Work trip to India, probably in the first half of the month
20-22 Eastern Washington SWC trip to do more singing in drapes (given that the India trip doesn't get in the way.)

Hrmmmm... Nothing...?

19-25 (ish) Comic Con in San Diego

4-7 (ish) Family Reunion!

7 & 8 SWC Concert with Chelly Wright

Somewhere in here, I'd love to come up with a trip to San Francisco (Alameda) to visit Ben and Meredith in their new digs. It is a nice trip, a nice town and nice people, so I need to find a place for it.

Anyone have more time in their back pocket? I could totally use that too.
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